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Slideshowclub- 'Find their other files' not working

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4 hours ago, davegee said:


I don't know what search criteria Ken used, but I think that the result is the same.



That's the problem. I don't know what criteria was used or even how you and Ken created your searches. Ken gave one result and you gave two results from searches. All three gave different results. In the attached image (a screenshot of the first portion of the results), you can see the differences and the links that were used to obtain the results, #1, #2, and #3..

#1-This is the best result. It give only the shows and no 'reviewed' comments. (Ken's search results)

#2-This produces the shows, but it also included 'reviewed' comments I had made. (Dave's first search results)

#3-This produces some of the shows, but misses many, and it does not include the images of the shows. (Dave's second search results)

These are inconsistent results. The 'Search...' function needs to be fixed so we get the same results and the results we are looking for, and make it intuitive.


My shows-Slideshowclub.jpg

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1 hour ago, davegee said:


Greetings Dave, Thanks for the screenshot. Well, I tried to come up with the same screen you show above. It is the most ridiculous search function I have every seen. I can not easily duplicate what you have shown. Please...whoever is responsible for this site, fix it so we don't have to go through hoops to get results. It is clear that, if two people can come up with 3 different results, there is something wrong.

I did finally figure out that you have to put in a 'Tag'. That is a guessing game, only clear after I saw your example. And, yet the results are not like the results that Ken's search gave. Your search does not show the show's icon images, while Ken's does. Ken's search gave exactly what I am looking for, only the slideshows, with the slideshow image icons. But I can not duplicate Ken's results.

And what's the difference between 'Member Search' and 'Search by Author'?

How do you know what 'Tags' you need to enter?

Your Search shows 6 results.

Ken's Search shows 7 results, but it says "Content Count 17". (It shows I've made 7 Comments, so it still does not add up).

So all this is just too confusing and I suggest it needs to be fixed.


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