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Is there still a way

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In the old days there was a way to send pics to the very first frame and a way to send files to the very end. I loved this tool. I like to have an opening with some of the best images and I like to close with some of the very best images. In between would be the adventure in a more chronological order. Anyway I think that tool went south a long time ago or it is hidden. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun going over old adventures and touching them up with newer tools and then making the still images that can take it into full HD. What a treat. 

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In the Timeline you can still Cut Transitions - sends all but the first slide to the End - or use the "-" Button.

You can still re-introduce those Slides/Transitions in real time using the + Button - by positioning the cursor and pressing the "+" Button.

Can you remind us of any other method?

I prefer to use the F4 Option in the Slide View and organise Slides in the Full Screen View of the Slide List.


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