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Hi everyone,

I have been playing around with animation today (beginner level) I made a slide which zooms in from the side, increases to full zoom prior to leaving the screen.(Thanks Barry). Do I have to repeat this process for each slide I wish to use eg 7 or 8 slides? Seems very cumbersome. or is there an easier way to do this?



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Hi Rosemary,

Once you have an animation created on a slide, you can just go to the slide list (out of Objects and Animations), click on "Styles and Themes" then when that menu comes up, click on "Tools" then from that little pop-up menu choose "Create Style".  Give it a name and any other pertinent information such as the place you want to save it and you will have created a new "style." Then for the rest of the images you want to apply it to, just select them and click on "Styles and Themes" then styles and choose your new style from among those available and apply. The new style you have created will then always be available to apply to any image(s) you choose in the future.

Best regards,


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