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I tried to post this question on the Facebook Group but it keeps getting marked as spam and blocked...

I've added several video clips to a set and want to mute the video's in favour of the soundtrack [ MP3 ]. However when I play the preview, the video still has sound but after the transition time. I cant seem to mute the video even after ticking the mute box. Any ideas please?


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Are you using the "Separate Audio from Video" command in the right click menu (in the Timeline)?

Does the Audio show as an Audio Track in the Timeline?

I suggest that you make the video or a similar short video available for Igor (and/or anyone else) to try

The "Separate Audio from Video" command works OK for me and, if not wanted, can be deleted from the Timeline. The Mute also works.

So, possibly, it has something to do with the video clip?



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Hi Dave, after much scratching and gnashing of teeth, I figured out that with video already in the timeline and then converting the soundtrack to MP3 it also converts the video track into the MP3!!! So when I tried to play it without the video track even tho I had ticked the mute box, the MP3 still played the video soundtrack. I hop this makes sense the way I've explained it. So I have it working to my preference now without the video soundtrack. Thank you for taking the time to offer help. I do so appreciate it. Don't know what the hell I've done here but this funny line has appeared and I can't get rid of it.

(edited by Lin to remove strike through).. Some forum software issue - just retyped and deleted...



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