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Less DPI looks better???

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I cropped an image (from digitizing a slide) using Photoshop and another program called BatchCrop. Both came out with just about the  same dimensions. However, the dpi came out differently.

The Photoshop file (PS...) shows 150 dpi. The BatchCrop file (BC...) shows 1350 dpi. But, the Photoshop image looks better at 150 dpi than the BatchCrop image at 1350 dpi.

Why would the lower dpi look better (to me) than the higher dpi image? The colors of the 'BC...' image seem to be muted a bit.

The original scanned image also is 1350 dpi (ran out  of room to attach) but it looks (the colors) very similar to the 'PS...' image that is 150 dpi. Does the dpi have anything  to do with what I 'see'.








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DPI mean absolutely NOTHING unless you're printing the image. A 72 dpi image or a 300 dpi image are identical except for the "tag" that is used by printing devices. This has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with image quality or the appearance of an image. The only relevant thing is the image pixel dimensions. It the pixel dimensions are different, then the appearance might be different, but this "dpi" tag is totally irrelevant.

Best regards,


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Just wondering why PS would change the  DPI, anyway. I don't think I made any such choice in the Action I had created. I'll have to take a look.

So the difference in the color (and maybe sharpness) just had to do with the cropping process. To me, the crop done by PS seemed better for color/sharpness.

I can't see much difference in the two images in my posting above, but I can see the difference on my monitor when I open them up side-by-side.

No big deal at this point side I can use the PS Action in batch to process all the crops.


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