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Public Beta of PTE AV Studio for Mac

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Today we started a public Beta testing PTE AV Studio 10 Pro for Mac for all members.

Mac version is a free for all customers who purchased or upgraded to PTE AV Studio 10 Pro.

Visit a special section on this forum to download the Mac version (Beta):


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Just for your information. I have using PTE AV Studio 10 for Mac, since July, when Igor released the first Alpha. It went through a number of Alpha’s before going into the Beta stage. It has also gone through a number of Beta versions prior to this public beta. Right from the very first version I have found it to be stable and quick. I have remade and published numerous mp4’s here, on AV Makers International Private YouTube channel (organised by Jeff Morris, South Africa) and also on my YouTube channel. 

Clearly, as it is a native Mac app your computer resources are not reduced by running a virtual machine and Windows. This Beta of PTE AV Studio runs faster and smoother than the Windows version running under Parallels 16 and Windows 10. It is the small simple things I noticed. For example the slide images in the timeline or the picture viewing box. With the Windows version, running on my Mac, these sometimes took a while to publish on screen. On this Beta Mac version it is immediate, no delay whatsoever. Generally, things just seem to be faster and smoother.

I have also tested this Beta on my Macbook, running the latest Beta of Big Sur, the next Mac OS.  Again no problems.

So, if you used to be a Windows PTE user but changed to a Mac, please have a go. If, like so many of us, you only ran a virtual machine and Windows solely for PTE AV Studio, you can look forward to free up some space and system resources by binning the virtual machine and Windows forever!


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