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Life in the old dog yet.

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I was recently sent 3 DVD's for an AV Competition as the organiser had poor broadband. I opened the padded envelop and took the DVD's to my study. It was then that I realised that my 5K iMac and my MacBook do not have DVD drives. I then realised that I had smugly wiped Windows from both Mac's in celebration of the  Mac version and I would be unable to run the exe's.  Oops, what a plonker!

I dug out my Acer Aspire 8920 from 2008, only 4GB RAM but an 18.4" screen and Blu-ray Player. The battery died many years ago, it always ran very hot but it works fine on mains as long as I have a cooler under it. It took a while to update, I left it overnight, latest version of Windows 10, and PTE AV Studio Pro all working fine.

13 years old, there is life in the old dog yet!


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Just FYI, if you do not have access to a Windows machine and want to view some exe sequences on your Mac, you can still use Crossover. Simply install a Windows 7 bottle and a Windows 10 64bit bottle and either of these can be used to run command i.e. the relevant exe file.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 15.40.56.jpg

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Yes, Dave this is true. However almost no one saves their sequence as a safe executable for the Internet.  Also in competition you can also get exe’s created in other software like Wings, some of which are 32 bit and some 64 bit. This is why I suggest having two bottles available.


It would be even better if they contained Malbec!

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