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A Key frame curiosity

Peter S

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I have noticed another, unrelated, curiosity when experimenting further with the style I was struggling with and scaled key frames.

I set up an animation where theTest 03.pte key frames are set up with exactly the same intervals for each image. The start positions, stationary positions and end points are also identical.

When the animation is played the first and second objects almost touch when one replaces the other. In all other cases there is a much more noticeable separation.

This is easily cured by increasing the x pan value for the end of the first image animation but surely that should not be necessary?

I have made an mp4 version but it is 12MB so too big to upload here.

Key frame set up.png

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39 minutes ago, Peter S said:

Sorry I didn't expect the Pte file to appear in the middle of the text!

It's not that important, Peter, but a .pte file without images won't do much good. Better collect a backup from the program, Menu - File - Create Bekap in Zip.


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Thanks for spotting that so quickly Paul. 

I thought I had checked all the modifiers but I obviously missed that one. I think after studying a particular animation for long enough I get either punch drunk, blind or brain dead.


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