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  1. Mike, This is the route to follow. I do not have anything called "generator". There is aPhotoshop folder and inside that the Photoshop Application.
  2. Mike, I suspect that you you need to set the Graphical Editor in Preferences. Cmd W responds to this setting. Go to Preferences via: PTE AV Studio/Preferences/System/External Editors The attached screen shot will hopefully help. Peter
  3. .pteav It's short and explicit Peter
  4. Thanks Jill, Once I figured out I needed to check files in each category that worked a treat. Peter
  5. I am creating a travelogue that will turn out to be quite a long AV as it covers 3 months. I got over excited and started work without thinking the structure through properly. I realise that it would help if I structured my "slides" in folders by Day. That is not going to be difficult as I am only on the first day BUT... I have 30 slides with animation and text already created in one folder which is just a folder for the overall production. Is there an easy way to move all these slides into a folder named Day 1 without having to re connect each one individually? My existing
  6. Hi Igor, This works perfectly in Beta 20. I edited an image from the File List in Photoshop. I then saved the image, using Save As, to the same folder as the original. Both images immediately show in the File List. This enables us to make several variants of the same image and have them all immediately available. Very useful if we want, for example, to turn one image into a "painterly" version and then fade to the original or black and white to colour. Great work thank you. Peter
  7. Hi Igor, Thanks very much for the advance notice. That will be a very useful feature to have available. Peter
  8. There is a post on the second page of the Mac Beta Forum entitled "Styles and Themes Downloads from Windows Versions" which you might find useful. Barry Beckham has some Themes and Styles available from his Web site https://beckhamdigital.photo and you might also like to check out his forum https://www.beckhamforum.com.au You could also look at https://gumroad.com/thedom. Peter
  9. Hi Andrew, I think you are out of luck and there is no way to open an exe file of any sort on a Mac. If you have the original Pte file you should be able to open that if you use file open in your Mac version. Double clicking in Finder will not work. You could then publish that as an HD video to play on your Mac or any other device. The Mac version is now on Beta 18 and I would suggest you update to this. There is nothing to be gained by running Beta 13. Peter
  10. Hi Igor, I think you are right that most of us use jpeg files in our slideshows. I usually create a collection in Lightroom and then export jpegs to a specific image folder to build the slideshow. I may however decide that I want to edit something on the jpeg after seeing it in a full screen preview. The easiest way is to use Edit in Photoshop. I usually add a suffix to the file name and save a second version to avoid over writing the original. It is then no problem to go to a different folder in tree view, back to the original folder and see the revised image. I do however recognise
  11. See answers to the same question you raised on 10 an 18 December. Nothing has changed. Peter
  12. Hi Igor, If you answered this I am sorry but I seem to have missed it. Would it be possible for you to put together a list of the features currently NOT available in the Mac version and that you are working on? The question about external editors has been raised again today. For the third time by the same person which is a bit strange but a list which we could refer to would be most useful. Peter
  13. Thanks Dave, I used that as the basis for my Mac version which as I said above is still very much a work in progress. See attached pdf. I use a Wacom Intuos Pro, small size version. I find it very useful for Photoshop and PTE AV. It is also excellent for editing tracks in Google Earth. PTE Keyboard Shortcuts Mac.pdf
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