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  1. I have just imported an mp4 audio file into Beta 13 all my previous audio imports have been mp3. The mp3 imports all show a note icon with an MP3 label. They can only be dropped in the Audio track. The mp4 file has no label just a blank white visual. It can be dropped into the audio track and plays correctly. It can however also be dropped into the Slide List but the message "Video not found...." appears in the Mini Player. If this happens the file cannot be dragged into the Audio track but can be removed from the Slide List and then added to the Audio track. I guess the an
  2. What format will the Published version be when the menu facility is available for the Mac version? Menus don't work with mp4 files do they? Peter
  3. I noticed that when I saved my project after using the styles/themes I had some additional folders showing in my Tree such as: Project name.resources which contains a second folder Slide Styles and this contains a strangely named folder (in my case {C3AE8231-36F4-........} I found this folder in my Documents/PicturesToExe/Styles and Transitions/Slide Styles folder and I guess moving anything in this Documents Folder would cause a problem??? Peter
  4. I have been checking out the installed Styles and Themes and found that they worked perfectly. I thought I would try one or two of Barry Beckham's downloads from his web site. Thanks for making those available Barry. I found that rather than downloading a zip file as described in the HELP video I only downloaded a single file such as Tryptych - Multi images.ptestyle. I imported this into my Mac version of PTE AV Studio and was delighted to find it also worked perfectly. Well it did after I realised that I had to use 3:2 aspect ratio images. When I tried the 2 images Styles and theme
  5. Thanks Barry, You are absolutely right. It's just a case of doing the right thing! It's somewhat comforting to know that even after all your years of experience you still occasionally fall into a trap. So I won't kick myself too hard.
  6. Am I right in thinking that the effect of the speed modifiers cannot be seen in the O and A window but they have to be observed in the Mini Viewer or full screen review? Peter
  7. Hi Igor Beta 10 is working with the external editors with one exception. If Audacity is already open the sound file will not appear even if no other sound file is open in Audacity and it is just live in the dock. If Audacity is not live it opens and the file appears. This is strange because if I open one file in Audacity from the Finder and then open another one from the Finder Audacity simply opens a second window. It does not do the same thing if it has already opened a file from PTE even if that window has been closed. I have another audio editor called Fission and it behaves
  8. Hi Igor, Installed Beta 9 and opened with no problem. I have just updated to Photoshop 2021 on my iMac and found I was unable to select it as my Editor. It is greyed out when I try in Preferences/System/Set Graphical Editor. Thinking this was a PS problem I installed Beta 9 on my MacBook Pro which still has Photoshop 2020 running. I found that greyed out too. I checked Audacity on my MacBook and this is also greyed out. In summary I no longer seem to be able to select Graphical Editor or Sound Editor. I tried Final Cut Pro as a video editor and found that greyed out to
  9. Hi Igor, Barry has put me right on this. I now understand that Styles and Themes set up a complete set of attributes for the slide(s) and cannot be restricted to simply set one attribute such as Cover Screen. Peter
  10. Hi Igor, I found that if I set the slide display time to say 8 seconds in Project Options and then go to the Styles and Themes and change to Image Cover Screen the duration is changed back to the 5 second default. Peter
  11. Thanks Igor, Are there other features, and/or problems of which you are aware, that are not yet supported but are not listed in your post dated 13 October. This has headings "Known problems" and "Not supported features in Mac version".? It would be helpful if these could be listed somewhere as I don't want to waste your time reporting things that you already know. Peter
  12. I have been unable to record any Audio Comments through "Record Voice Comment". Is this a feature that is not yet available in the Mac Version? The microphone seems to also be disabled in Project Options. Peter
  13. Does it make a difference if Auto Recovery is ticked and/or Auto Save is ticked and set for a short time? What does Auto Recovery actually do? Does an Auto Saved project count as the last saved? Peter
  14. I have only been using PTE AV Studio for Mac for a few days but have had previous experience with PTE on a PC. After a gap of some 5 years I was able to refresh my memory thanks to Barry Beckham's excellent video "Let's Make A Slideshow". I would strongly recommend this to anyone just starting to use the app. My first impressions are that this is first class application that can produce high quality sideshows for presentation on Macs or on large size modern TVs. There are a few things that still need to be sorted out but that should not discourage anyone from starting to use it immediate
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