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Windows .pteav file association

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This will only work for users that have the PTE AV Studio editor installed on their computer. This is not for sharing slideshows for friends/family that do not have the editor installed. WnSoft does not currently support this method of viewing slideshows. It may not work with previous (before 10.5) versions of .pteav or .ptshow files.

How to play standalone .pteav files on Windows

My primary PTE editor is now a Mac mini. I have a network share so I can copy files between my Windows and Mac computers. When I want to play a slideshow on my Windows PC I create one .pteav file on my Mac that runs on both computers.

To play the .pteav file in Windows you must create a file association with .pteav and PteViewerX.exe. I right clicked on the .pteav file in explorer, selected "Open with" , clicked on "More apps" and scrolled down and selected "Look for another app on this PC" and then navigate to the location of PteViewerX.exe (see attached image). You can also make the change in Windows Settings.


The main advantage is less disk space required because you are only creating a single data file without adding the 14 MB player for every slideshow.





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Yes. The advantage of PteViewerX.exe is that it is updated to the latest version when PTE is updated. Minor version updates (10.5.n) should not require file association update.


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