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My New Mobility Scooter.

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Once more I find myself unable to walk for any distance, which for a photographer, is not good. Now we are in Summer & a significant birthday approaching, my partner has booked a day at a local wildlife sanctuary Martin Mere. I decided I needed a mobility scooter to be sure of enjoying the day. So I bought a new machine from Ebay, (that's another story). This weekend was sunny so I tried attaching one of my cameras to the scooter & take a trip around my locality. I set the camera (so I thought) to record a fast motion movie, but it didn't turn out that way.

When I downloaded it from the camera it was at normal speed & such poor quality, I decided to speed it up in PTE, so after trimming out what wasn't usuable I increased the speed by 300%. This made it look even worse than the original. By this time I was losing the will to live, so to speak, so I decided to make it into a Keystone Cops type of production. The blessing is it's short! Incidentally, if Igor reads this, I found a problem when trimming the clips in that the final frame of the second clip stayed on the screen for the original length of the clip before speeding it up. I got around it by dragging the next clip left until it was at the correct time.

The show is on Vimeo, apologies if you get a headache.

My New Mobility Scooter

Rosy Cheeks.

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