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Multiple occurance of the same sound

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Hi, As a newbie I wonder if anyone can help me with a problem I have linking sound files to a slide.

If I create a slide and link a sound to it - no problem. The problem arises when I want to repeat the sound on a different slide. - It is easy to duplicate the sound file and add it manually, but if I then insert a new slide in the show, all of the 'linked' sound files that follow are no longer linked - I don't seem to be able to link a single sound file to multiple slides - can it be done?


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Hi Jim, No, you can only link a sound clip to a single Slide.

If you Link sounds to slides further down the project & then add a new slide the sounds will stay linked to their original slides.

You need to Link each sound to the appropriate Slide manually.

Then whenever you move tat Slide or adjust its timing the sound will stay in the same position relative to that Slide.



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