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Layer is not displayed correctly


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Hey! There was a question for amateurs and experts. Cut the photo into pieces. I also made a frame from the cut photo. When rotating along the Y axis, you can see that the frame is at a distance from the photo. Screen on the link below. Both the photo and the frame along the Z axis are 0. Why is this happening?
PTE version 10.5.3 build 1

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30 minutes ago, jt49 said:

Your problem is that the image part and the corresponding border part do not turn around the same Y-axis

jt49,Thank you for the clarification. Although all this is very strange. I took the same photo twice. Enlarged the second photo in X by 3% and in Y by 2%. As a result, the second photo was displaced along the Z axis.

Now I experimented with your example and at the end of the rotation set the Z value to 9 and everything looks fine.

jt49,Thanks again! Although, it is still strange and incomprehensible.

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11 minutes ago, jt49 said:

he frame "Second part" has a size of 100%, while the size of the frame "Border" is 103%. This is the reason why the two axes do not coincide.

it49, I know this and it is clear to me, since I did it all myself.  It is not clear to me why, when rotating along Y, the layers diverge along Z. And how to change this.

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