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  1. Thank you Paul. Very nice, as always ! Happy New Year to you and yours. Bernard
  2. Super Paul ! ! ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bernard
  3. Very nice Aleina ! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Bernard
  4. Hello Igor Accented characters and umlauts : As promised, I have just made several tests of saving in Zip using accented characters in the name of the photo directory, in the photo captions, in the text input (project title and end credits) : everything works perfectly ! Congratulations to you and your team for this excellent work! This is a big step forward in the development of the Mac version of PTE. All that's missing now is the ability to create an executable file for Mac and this version will be fully operational. Thank you very much! Bernard
  5. Thank you for these explanations, Paul. It's easier for me in English than in Russian Bernard
  6. Hello Paul Do we really need to install Yandex.Disc to be able to download the transitions? I don't see any other possibility... Thank you in advance for your answer Bernard
  7. Magic! A very nice Christmas present! Thank you Paul Merry Christmas for you and yours. Bernard
  8. Thanks vbl2007 ! Same for you.
  9. Very interesting this Mosaic styles. Again BRAVO vbl2007 ! Greetings and Merry Christmas to all. Bernard PS - I'm completely of the same opinion as Berny.
  10. Hello Eric Your site is a real gold mine ! It is now in my favourites. Thank you very much for sharing your creations with us. It is very generous of you. Rest assured that if I use one of your compositions in one of my audiovisual productions, I will not forget to mention the title and the name of the author in the credits. Take good care of yourself in these difficult times and thank you again. Bernard
  11. Resolved! I registered the project under another name by making two attempts : 1 - with a completely different name 2 - with the same name but without accented characters. In both cases, the zip backup was done quite normally. Conclusion: the zip backup does not like accented characters in the file name (and I remember now that it's the same with the PC version). Thank you Igor for suggesting the right solution! Bernard
  12. Yes Igor. In this project, I used four custom transitions (no styles). I replaced them with basic PTE transitions and this doesn't solve the problem: the resulting backup file is still empty.
  13. Hello Igor With Beta 12, I have just finished a slideshow started with Beta 11. I created without any problem a high quality Mp4 file, a PC executable file (.exe file), and a project folder (.pt file). Problems occur with the creation of a backup file (.zip file). Three attempts to get an empty file (0 byte) each time. With Beta 12, I tried to make a backup file from the test project: it works perfectly. Bernard
  14. Very interesting style. Thank you for sharing Bernard
  15. No problem for me, Paul. I'm a fan of your technique and creativity. I just gave my feeling about this type of style that I would prefer more stripped down to better highlight the photos. Thanks again for your excellent work and for all your sharing on this forum. Bernard
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