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  1. OK Igor. Sorry. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Hello Igor I tried using the Brush Script MT font (it's a fairly common font, I think you know it). In TextEdit, I can't make the text bold. I contacted a friend who works on PTE for windows. He did the same tests with the same sentence and the same font and he has no problem changing the font when he puts the text in bold. On PTE Mac, I don't think this anomaly comes from the accented characters because it exists with both accented and non-accented words. PS - I hope you understand me correctly because for me it is not easy to translate into English accurately.
  3. Igor Do you mean that we cannot use another font than Arial or Times New roman ?
  4. OK Igor ! Everything looks good now for the accented characters. Good job ! Thanks. But there is another problem: When I put a word containing an accented character in bold, the font changes !
  5. jmG-06100 Personne n'a de problème avec la version PC de PTE. Nous parlons ici de la version pour Mac
  6. I give you an example with the following sentence: "Un champ de maïs longe la côte" When I write this sentence (on an AZERTY keyboard) in the text box in the Objects and animation editor, in Properties tab, I get this :
  7. Hello Igor After having abandoned PTE for some time, I have just installed the latest version V10.5.1 for Mac. I work on MacOS Big Sur 11.3.1 I encountered a small bug with the French accented characters: - writing ô generates Ûo - writing ï generates Ûi This problem reappears in the final version. We had already encountered it in a beta version and it seems to me that you had found the solution. Thanks to you for fixing this bug Best regards, Bernard
  8. Thank you Paul. Very nice, as always ! Happy New Year to you and yours. Bernard
  9. Super Paul ! ! ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bernard
  10. Very nice Aleina ! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Bernard
  11. Thank you for these explanations, Paul. It's easier for me in English than in Russian Bernard
  12. Hello Paul Do we really need to install Yandex.Disc to be able to download the transitions? I don't see any other possibility... Thank you in advance for your answer Bernard
  13. Magic! A very nice Christmas present! Thank you Paul Merry Christmas for you and yours. Bernard
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