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  1. sorry screen shot so big I just dragged it on , not shouting
  2. Igor no its not worked .reinstalled as suggested no external disks was ok with earlier version
  3. thanks will do , at moment watching av wilmslow as are you
  4. running on mac 10.15.7 newest download pte when open whirling circle not responding last version fine . have uninatlled and reinstalled 3.4 ghz quad i5 Radeon Pro 570 4 GB 48 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 help please
  5. Please could I sign up for the beta Mac version ,have been on tenterhooks waiting for it so I can restart my Av life thanks I have 2017 27inch Mac desktop running latest os ,20 gb ram Radeon pro 570 I have pte av studio pro
  6. Igor I had a total crash of hard drive sent email twice requesting replacement key any chance please as need program fairly urgently thanks Phil
  7. Any one had a similar problem and found a solution please? get an access violation at address 0066c7ef apr.exe read of address 00000208 program wont run and had to shut down via task manager. am running program on Vista machine lots of memory fast processors etc any suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  8. have lost an old template but have the exe file , anyone have any suggestions how i can "get the images" please ( lost them a year ago when hard drive crashed probably no chance but hoping thanks in advance
  9. want to add some pan onto project created in 4.48 so need to import it into 5 . have both versions on computer so when i tell it to open with 5 it defaults to 4 must be a simple way I must be missing something thanks in advance Phil
  10. thanks al thought it may have been but couldn't find it. also doesnt hurt to bump it
  11. sorry if this has been discussed before, couldnt find a thread so hopefully not going over old ground. Is it possible to have some kind of indication on a slide to indicate that some animation takes place on it. eg a red outline . I find it difficult to remember which slides have been augmented when returning to a project after a lay off. yes i know i should write it down but am not always that organised. also if you have a long sequence with a number of slides enhanced its easy to forget as you get senior moments thanks
  12. Have I missed the release of bta version 8z? see it mentioned but can oly find 8u thanks
  13. many thanks for your email, a tutorial would be brilliant if you have the time also your offer to upload the pte so we can see its workings is much appreciated may the force be with you! thanks
  14. having lost my hard drive thinking I had saved the template for an av i find i havnt! is there any way to break down the exe to its components so i can reinsert a better audio. I doubt it but heh you can live in hope. thanks in advance phil
  15. is there a way to find the registration key for pte as have refoematted the drive due to virus or do i have to email wnsoft? thanks
  16. have used a program at school called revelation sight and sound. company is logotron it has a pan and zoom facility which is really easy to use. you get two of the same images in a window, then draw rectangle wher you want to start and then on other image the end point, rostrum camera effect sorry not explained very well. it is very intuative , any chance of this simple style interface? thanks
  17. I will second that , minute detail. ace
  18. many thanks , the version that is on now is an altered one so the originalthread is refering to the older version which wasnt as effective " i think!"
  19. thanks all in retrospect suspect that ther are actually two av s here tried to link the fantastic to the real ceramic to my cats not sure that it works. the music is mozart clarinet concerto and a bit of debussy. the poem is ted hughes, the first bit is of course from alice in wonderland. hope this helps regards Phil
  20. sent cheshire cats last weekn only problem i had was of my making i hadnt added the extension .zip to the file name it didnt take long to upload . i zipped the exe file and called it cheshire cats.zip
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