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  1. The problem turned out to be empty show. I had opened what looked like the original show, based on input slides, but it was actually an empty new project. Sorry for the false alarm.
  2. I opened existing show on my windows 10 desktop, and wanted to run it in preview mode (so I could select which monitor to use easily). Nothing happened when I clicked Preview. Today after reboot, still the same problem.
  3. Thanks for the information and your patience, Igor. I'm sure you have answered this before. I only do videos sporadically, so don't read the forum as much as I should. I think PTE is a great product, and tell my video making friends about it.
  4. One related thing. The mp4 version seems to ignore the mouse controls. I specified change only on my mouse command with forward and back represented by right and left click on the mouse. Now I need to pause on the keyboard.
  5. These two videos were moved to a folder on my Windows 10 system. When imbedded in my PTE AV Pro show, they work fine in preview mode on my desktop, and the exe version works there as well. When I copy the exe file to my Win 10 Dell Studio xps m1640 laptop 2012, the videos stutter badly. This is the link to the MOV file from our Olympus EM5Mark3 https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAEr9SKVafYeC_4EktwojzUseiNJH9Di_2xUbnnl08bfpLbk3evs This is the link to the mp4 from my lg g7 phone https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAEFamGIdJc6dFiGI_fUMlFBdkJodxjT3nT9QhrsDs-K9UutOj1o Any thoughts?
  6. I have a win 10 desktop with two monitors. PTE 10. When I preview, I have the choice of monitors. When I run the exe version, it only displays on monitor 1. I would like it on monitor 2.
  7. Thanks, Barry. I will do that for the most part. I still think some filtering capability on the file list would be helpful.
  8. I'm working with about 5000 images from which I want to create a 200 image slide show. I've gone thru the images with Adobe Bridge, and have rated them all. A rating of 3 means the image is suitable for presentation. I'd like to work with the original folder rather than copy a set for PTE, and I could do this if I could filter by rating, or if I could sort by name within descending rating. Are there any strong reasons I should copy my subset of high rated images to the show folder, rather than work with the original folder? Thanks for any thoughts.
  9. I renamed file and tried again, directing the convert to another folder, checked 30 minutes later, nothing happened. I then right clicked the image in the file list, and said convert. It went to the file convert window, and immediately gave an error. This is not an urgent matter for me. I normally just use images, but experimented with this video. Attaching file converter, and pte about.
  10. I did say convert, but now I'm thinking I should have waited a few minutes. The convert appeared to be finished in that nothing appeared to be happening, nothing greyed out, no hourglass, but I said convert to original folder, and I still just see the mp4 file there, not an additional avi file. I just now retried it, pointing to a separate folder, and nothing appears in that folder.
  11. My LG G4 phone produced this video file which I then dragged to Windows 10. It plays well there if I just double click it, but when dragged in as a pte video, has good sound, very jerky movement. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nN1tqQZ6xDZQY19bLKULfAmArDNsOJtU
  12. When I right click a keyframe, I would like an option to "create freeze keyframe". That would produce a slideable keyframe, who's only purpose is to mark a pause point. It could be slid anywhere, deleted as any keyframe. The effect of hitting it when that slide is playing is the same as the pause by hitting the space bar.
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