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  1. Gentlemen, I hope that you now appreciate the dilemma that we moderators face. If we do not step in and take action, you complain. If we do step in with a promise to take action, you complain. Who'd be a moderator! regards,. Peter
  2. Dave/Gary, Not so long ago you both asked me to intervene in a topic that you felt had been hijacked. This topic is about Lightroom Tutorials. What are you two discussing? I haven't time to sort this out tonight. If you two haven't sorted it out by tomorrow morning, I will. regards, Peter
  3. Ross, The upgrade that Gérard gave you the link for is the upgrade of PicturesToExe to PictuersToExe Deluxe version 7.5. The VideoBuilder program is not and never has been purchaseable as a separate entity. It is a separate program that is included within the downloaded installation file for PicturesToExe. Ever since VideoBuilder was developed, PicturesToExe Standard included the VideoBuilder code but did not activate it. PicturesToExe Deluxe included the Videobuilder code and also activated it using a second registry key. If you had PicturesToExe Deluxe v6.0 you also had VideoBuilder v6.0. You say that you had/have v7.0.7 of PicturesToExe so you would also have v7.0.7 of VideoBuilder. From version 7.0 of PicturesToExe onwards there has been just the one product: PicturesToExe Deluxe. New purchasers of the product receive a single "key" that unlocks the entire product. That key takes the form of a typical software "serial number" i.e.4-6 groups of 4-6 characters each. regards, Peter
  4. Thanks for this. I have struggled to get to grips with Lightroom. Now I might have a better chance. Peter
  5. Ross, Welcome to the PTE Forum! Please note that, with just one or two exceptions, the users of this forum are fellow users of the software. We are not Wnsoft employees. It is not our job to formulate a solution - that is the role of the software developers at Wnsoft. The company has a reputation for listening to its users and developing the features that they have asked for. Therefore, these discussions (occasionally rambling on, I admit) serve a very useful purpose in informing the developers about the features that the user base feels are missing or in need of refinement. We try to be a friendly bunch and do our best help one another. regards, Peter
  6. Marcel, I think your new key may be slightly incorrect. Go to the Wnsoft.com website and "Raise a ticket" on the Support page. regards, Peter
  7. Derek, Yes, the quality difference is very apparent, isn't it! You have a wonderful talent for capturing, not just record images of the local inhabitants but, at times, images that convey a real sense of the character that lies behind the face. Not every photographer is comfortable taking portraits of the locals (I'm not!); so I envy and respect those who are. For me, your choice of music didn't sit so comfortably with the images as did that in your first sequence. However, we have to recognise that choice of music is always a very personal matter. regards, Peter
  8. You're getting more and more "global" all the time. Congratulations to the translators! regards, Peter
  9. To change main images on slides you should use the Change Image File button. If you do not see one on your Toolbars, go into Settings > Preferences > Toolbars, find it and tick the check box. To change the image associated with a secondary object on a slide, go into the Objects and Animation window, select the Properties tab, browse to the replacement image file and select it. These two techniques change only the relevant image file, all the Animation programming and the Transition programming remain as they were. regards, Peter
  10. Derek, The reason you cannot post directly into the Frequently Asked Questions section and its sub-folders, is that all the original topic posts in that section were created in manner that ensured their contants were accurate and complete (at the time of posting). regards, Peter
  11. Colin, I'm afraid you are giving out of date advice there! For new purchasers of PTE, there is only the one product: PicturesToExe Deluxe. There is only one key and it unlocks the entire product (or should do). As from v7.0 the licensing arrangements changed. Those who first purchased PTE at v7.0 or later have a licence that is valid for all future releases of v7.x.x. When v8 of PTE is released they will need to pay an upgrade fee (less than a full purchase price) if they want to upgrade to v8. Cancaya, Go to the Wnsoft website and raise this problem through the Support option: www.wnsoft.com/support/. You will probably be sent a replacement key. regards, Peter
  12. The relevant items should remain as these often see a suggested solution get refined into an even better solution. Even if that is not the case, they can be exploring different aspects of the same or similar problems. That may be useful debate for the developers to read. The irrelevant items would require moderator or admin intervention to remove them. It isn't a difficult task to do the removal. However, out of politeness, every affected poster should be either consulted or advised in advance of the deletion taking place. That would probably consume more man hours than would be expended by Igor reading through the irrelevant items. If he wants his moderators to adopt a harder line on irrelevant posts, I'm sure he will instruct the moderator team accordingly. regards, Peter
  13. Xaver, I'm not so sure about that. If the changes in O&A had been made to keyframe positions or animation effects, doing the Undo/Redo outside the O&A window means that you cannot really be sure what exactly is being undone and redone. regards, Peter
  14. That is a possibility, isn't it. I hadn't thought of it that way. Just out of interest I checked what happened with changes in the Timeline view. The Undo/Redo stack is preserved in its full functionality across a switch from Timeline view to Slides view and back again. It is only the O&A Undo/Redo that exhibits the reported behaviour. regards, Peter
  15. This problem is reproducible on two different systems using v7.5.4 running on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. Open an existing project Add an image Go into Objects and Animation Add a second object (independent or child, png or jpeg, it doesn't seem to matter) Make a trivial change (add a bit of zoom or pan or rotate to the second object) Note the colour state of the Undo/Redo icons while you: Undo your change and then Redo your change (So far everything should be as you would expect) Close the O&A window back to the Slides view Note the colour state of the Undo/Redo icons while you: Undo your change and then Redo your change (Yes, you can undo/redo O&A changes from the Slides view - I didn't know that) Go back into O&A Now try to undo/redo your change You cannot! Close the O&A window back to the Slides view Note the colour state of the Undo/Redo icons while you: Undo your change and then Redo your change You still can do it here but not in the O&A window Weird or what? regards, Peter
  16. Tom, Is it possible to do fine, detailed selection of just part of an image or position a pointer precisely on a timeline using a touch screen? To me, that seems to be asking too much of my clumsy finger tip! Rightly or wrongly, I equate touch screen with button "push", icon drag, and such like. regards, Peter
  17. But when you zoom in to the O&A timeline a smaller length of it gets drawn using more pixels than before. It IS a matter of pixels as much as it is a matter of anything else. Still don't believe me? Do a screengrab of the unzoomed timeline and a screengrab of the zoomed in timeline. Take both images into Photoshop. In Photoshop, zoom in on both images until you can see one of the red spots displayed at the individual pixel level. Now count the pixels for that subject item in each image. regards, Peter
  18. Lin, That is not true. There is no prompt to save the PTE project file before the creation of an EXE file. regards, Peter
  19. Yes, but beware! The auto-save overwrites your previous version. If you make a series of changes and then decide that you didn't want to do that after all, you will not have on disk the PTE project file in the same state that it was when you began that session. All you will have is the project file in the state that it was the last time that auto-save ran. regards, Peter
  20. Dave, Your post #15 contains some interesting maths but I didn't say the keyframes were 1 milliseconds apart. I said "a handful of milliseconds". I was making a generalised statement to try and convey the scale of operation that is under discussion. My previous post (#16) hopefully describes the problem in a way that everyone will be able to understand. regards, Peter
  21. Yachtsman1, The analogy with the "Big Stick" is not really valid. The "Big Stick" philosophy carries with it the threat of violence, retribution or something equally unpleasant if there is no compliance. Nobody has issued any threats to anybody else in this topic. So let's keep the discussion "on topic", please. I began this topic because I felt I had identified a weakness in the PTE user interface that ought to be addressed. I even proposed a possible solution. Xaver then pointed out some keyboard shortcuts that could help me do what I wanted. That led me to widen the discussion to the need to learn shortcuts before you could make proper use of the product - something that I see as bad design in the user interface. Ken then directed us towards the list of Windows shsortcuts - but we are not discussing a Windows shortcut problem. We are discussing a PTE shortcut issue. So Ken's post, whilst well-meant, wasn't helpful in the context of the topic subject. All the posts made by myself, Ken and Xaver have been made in the spirit of moving the discussion forward. I would ask you to re-read your posts in this topic and ask yourself: have any of those posts moved the discussion forwards? Let's get back on track - and then stay there. regards, Peter
  22. Ken, The problem with the approach that you are suggesting is that the mouse pointer also gets magnified by the same amount. It would be like using a Sequoia Redwood tree trunk to point to an acorn. The need is to magnify the subject matter but not the pointer. Only in that way can the pointer be positioned with precision on the desired keyframe. regards, Peter
  23. Ken, This is yet another instance of you missing the point. If I wanted to memorise them all a list would be useful; but I don't want to memorise them all. In fact, I don't want to have to learn any at all before I can use the program. A software program should be usable (and learnable) from just the toolbar items, their tooltips, the menu bar items, etc. and, ideally, context-sensitive help. There are PTE functions which can only be employed by using keyboard shortcuts. To employ that function you have to know what the shortcut is BEFORE you can employ that function. That, to me, is wrong! It's bad design! It's user unfriendly! It's not intuitive! regards, Peter
  24. Ken, You are missing the point totally. The problem is one that occurs when there are several keyframes within a handful of milliseconds of each other. The resolution of the monitor is not good enough to see the individual "red spots" that denote each keyframe. We need not just to see them but must be able to select the precise one that we want to alter. Therefore we need each dot to comprise more than just 4-5 pixels in width. We need a zoom feature that will expand the time line so that each spot is perhaps 20 or more pixels in width. (The pixel counts are not meant to be exact but the magnification factor is probably about right. We need at least a 4x zoom, possibly more) Imagine you are trying to change just one pixel in an image file. You need to see each individual pixel clearly and be able to select just that one pixel accurately. To do that you zoom into the image until you are seeing every single pixel distinctly. That's what we're talking about here. regards, Peter
  25. Ken, Knowing what all the shortcuts are is all well and good. However, I do not want to have to memorise keyboard shortcuts in order to use PTE or any other software program. Learning the keyboard shortcuts should come naturally with time; and should be a way of doing what I already know - but doing it more slickly. regards, Peter
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