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  1. Hi Dave Great to see you posting again. really like your style. Simple and elegant. Made a small show to test it out. tried to zip it to a backup and got the error shown below. Possibly something for Igor to address. It seem that zip cannot handle two files with the same name in different directories. There is an easy work around with a text editor,however, might might be upsetting to a new comer to PTE Terry
  2. Dave, I am not sure that we are understanding each other. When a slide is created there are two rods at the beginning and end of that slide. The one that is visible always is blue. Under it is a green rod. The green rod is the start of the slide. And will not move. The Blue rod on top of it will move, and controls when a photo will show and not show within a given frame. The grey bar is the transition length and appears to have nothing to do with the blue rods. If you move the blue rod at the beginning of a frame in, the photo in that frame will not show until the time it is set to. the same with the one at the end. Slide it in and the photo will not show beyond that point. once you have set these and wish to change the duration of that slide, the do not move accordingly. there is a demo attached to better show what I am trying to explain. Terry cut-off.zip
  3. Using the cut-off markers frequently to start and end the showing of a photo in a slide. I have noticed that they do not change when I change the duration of a slide. to move them manually is not difficult. Although I would be nice not to have to move them every time a duration change is made. Any assistance would be welcome, Terry
  4. Thanks for the link Ken. I checked it out this morning. I especially liked the notes under the photos. Will go back Monday evening to go it more carefully. Thanks again Terry Thanks Lin I think it is important that we remember our past and why! Terry
  5. nothing fancy no music, just some photos so we don't forget http://www.mediafire.com/download/dxiw5k73k57rz7w/Remember.exe Terry
  6. DaveG and Yachtsman, Sorry it took so long to get back. Took me a while to wrap this old head around timing. After reading the help file and your replies a half dozen times. I believe that I got the idea. Think I need to learn how to produce a show with timing AND visual. With all the new possibilities in PTE 8. Strictly visual no longer satisfies my needs. Yachtsman, as requested Here is link to what I accomplished. http://www.mediafire.com/download/eicdm2yun2hyn4b/Looping_video.zip Thank you both for all your help... Terry
  7. Claudio, If I read you post correctly. I believe this is what you are trying to do. Terry http://www.mediafire.com/download/96chgp7riqsjshb/Project1.exe Project1_Mar27-2014_18-48-58.zip
  8. DaveGee, Sorry, I Did not understand your reference to KFSD in post#2. After reading all of the replies I think I now understand. Need to look into this more, but it does appear that it should meet my requirements... Thank you Yachtsman, Your Video has done basically what I wanted. where you have the transition between videos is what I wanted to hide hence the use of strategically placed photos. I will post a clip this evening to show the result Thank you both, Terry
  9. Thank you Davegee and Yachtsman, First allow me to explain. All of my shows are created visually, rather than by timing. Until I read your replies, I never noticed that slides could be looped. I have tried both solutions and neither works to my satisfaction. My eventual solution was to create 3 slides with the same video as the background with no transition. By placing the last photo as the first on the next slide. I was able to hide the start and finish of the video. Giving the appearance of one slide. The video is only 7+/- seconds and now appears to be 23 seconds long. Thank you both for you reply and knowledge. Terry
  10. Is it possible to loop a video within a single slide without using a video editor. If it is. Could someone explain to me how? Thank you in advance, Terry
  11. Mois├ęs Magnificent! This has character, not just another projector show. It has excitement ant feeling along with the show. Terry
  12. Moises, I loved that one, worked great , really smooth on my machine. thank you for the template Terry
  13. Hello Lin, Tried Smooth, Even at 3sec transition time it Still seem to be abrubt. However Slowdown gives a smoother ending. The new settings have been replaced in the first post. Thanx for the suggestion. I am still trying to learn the basics of speed control. Terry
  14. Five transitions, Double vision: Horizontal Vertical Diagonal right Diagonal left Fade to white Terry Preview: http://www.mediafire...transitions.exe Double Vision.zip
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