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  1. Exellent slideshow and very cold images. Roger
  2. I have jsut put a short AV called "Stormy Sea" on Slideshowclub. Roger
  3. Hi Lin I closed the antivirus but it don't help. I think there is somethibg wrong in 8.0.11 and 8.0.12. Last time I made a similar animation was in middle of january and I think I had 8.0.10 installed at tahat time and it worked perfect. If I move this project to our other computer there I have 8.0.1 it works perfect and both computers have the same antivirus. It seems to me that when I click on the Preview button or when I make the exe file it wont read the PNG file correctly. When I play it in the small player in PTE it works perfect. If I had an erlier version of PTE I could try uninstall t
  4. Hi Lin I've tested on another compuetr with PTE 8.0.1, and it woeks perfect. I have Windows 7 on my computer and Ativiruse I have ESET Nod 32. I email the zip file on your Email. Tanks Roger
  5. I've made a small slideshow with an animation of drops. When i play it in the small player in PTE It works perfect and it also works perfect in the player in objects and animation, but when I try it with the Preview button there is no drops and no animation. If I make a exe file there is no drops or animation. I've made this before and I had no problem. I tried it in PTE 8.0.11 and 8.0.12. Roger
  6. Thanks Lin I'll try it tonight Swede
  7. Hi When I try to make an animation with a Title text in object and animation and I use four keypoints, the first with a rotaion whitch stops at the second keypoint than it still to the third keypoint and fade out whith opacity to the fourth keypoint. It works perfect if I use LINEAR, but if I change the first keypoint to Slowdown the other three keypoints also change to slowdown and the rotation goes from the first to last keypoint. And that isn't what I want. Swede
  8. benro


    Hej Patrick I liked the show, and the presentation. I think you visited Stockholm during the Easter. We had wery good wheather that period. I think the best time in Stockholm is summer and i can recomend a visit in the arkipelag. Well done. Roger
  9. Thanks Alena This time it worked fine. Swede
  10. What is happening Can sombody please help us to get the Key. I´d wrote email to igor, no answer, i´d tried with a topic on this forum, yet no answer. Why Isn´t my friend getting the Key to Pictur to exe. Now I need a answer whats going on. Swede Hi I helped my friend to buy Pic To Exe and we did it 2 feb. He have not recieved the key yet. The orderid is 38NMDE6-FQMHT please try to fix as quick as possible. Swede
  11. Hello Igor When I installed version 6.5 beta 14, I only got English languages, Swedish was missing in this Version. Swede
  12. Hallo Barry I work in Windows 7 RC 64 bit, and PTE works perfect. Roger
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