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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. For the last couple of days, I am unable to watch videos on YouTube on Google Chrome. Youtube keeps freezing and I have no idea why, and it has never happened before. Does anyone know why this happens and how can I fix it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. For several years now, uploading to Youtube from within PTE has worked well most of the time. Now, on most recent three occasions, upload from within PTE never shows up in my Youtube account. PTE processes and gives me the check mark that all was successful. I then have to use my Youtube account to upload the mp4 file that PTE created but that never reached Youtube. Any answers/solutions or ideas what has changed?
  3. Guest

    Snare Drum Lamp

    Those of you who follow my stuff may remember the year before last I constructed a series of what I called Orchestral Lamps, up-cycled musical instruments made into lamps. There was a clarinet, guitar, violin, trumpet & a drum, the drum I intended to use as a shade for the clarinet but it proved too heavy so it ended up with a conventional shade. After my op' at Christmas, I wanted to get my hands & mind going again so I laid aside my camera lamp projects & resurrected the orchestral lamps, this time using a snare drum as a lamp in its own right. As with previous projects, I have created an AV show to promote the lamp, & it's on YouTube. Being a Queen fan, Roger Taylor their drummer features heavily in the show. If you are susceptible to flashing lights, beware there are lots. Yachtsman1.
  4. James Garner gave me a lot of pleasure over the years, with his films particularly Grand Prix & The Great Escape, but mainly from his antics in The Rockford Files. The series is being repeated on UK BBC2 TV, so it got me hooked again watching the repeats. So that was the inspiration for this show. Runs for 4+ minutes, 16-9 aspect ratio, mixture of edited video & stills from the internet. Youtube download. Yachtsman1
  5. Just completed another one, it's on Youtube. Yachtsman1.
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