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3840x2160: Future-proof ?


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On the CES 2014 almost all the famous TV-factories offer Ultra HD TV (3840x2160).

It's the future they say.

I ask myself now if it's advisable to consider to make the PTE presentations also in 3840x2160.

They are than by the way of speaking aleady future-proof.

Or is this a silly thought?

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My experiences of late are telling me that within reason I can use images directly from my 21MP camera without cropping. (5616*3744) Both PTE and my PC handles what I do fine. I guess if you want images animated all over the screen, large files may affect a smooth playback. In my view if animation isn't silky smooth on playback it may as well be dumped because it's as good as useless.

So the opportunity to do this has been there for some while now, both from a PTE software point of view and our computer power. I have often made slide shows much higher than 1920*1080 and will probably make my next one at 3840*2160

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Ultra HD should be future proof for a while. I am already working in 4K for my next project. But 8K is the latest standard so there will likely come a day when 4K is considered old technology.

The problem with 4K is how to deliver it in a way that, like Barry said, gives smooth playback. Obviously the cinema distribution of 4K has solved that problem but it's still a few years away in my opinion for consumers.

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