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Spam, Spam & more Spam [SOLVED]

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I agree that there is far to much spam but, let's try to do something about before leaving an otherwise excellent forum!

I am not an expert on preventing spam but there must be something we can do, surely.

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According to my personal records, there have been 11 spams since July 7; thus, an average of 1 spam a day. It's certainly too much, but it's not that dramatic, is it?

If there is a 100% reliable way of preventing spam, I'm sure that Igor will be happy to be informed by the experts.

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Today and yesterday I had to ban 45 ranges (regions) of IP addresses to stop recent spam attacks from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The problem in a fact that now spammers use humans instead of bots and it's very difficult to stop such spammers.

We use 4 stages of anti spam protection on the forum againts spam-bots:

1. Two anti spam questions/answers.

2. Google reCAPTCHA 2 for registration.

3. Anti spam database for all Invision Power Board forums for new registrations.

And all this protection can't stop spammers-humans now.

Probably the only solution is to totally block Pakistan, India, Bangladesh for our forum, if we will not find another solution.

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