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  1. It seems like a joke! Just do what is required and type the 3 letters "PTE". Est-ce une blague? Il suffit de faire ce qui est demandé : tapez les 3 lettres "PTE"!
  2. Happy New Year to Igor and the Wnsoft team !
  3. Enjoy your well-deserved holidays !
  4. 4 GB data drive? It doesn't seem much to me.
  5. According to my personal records, there have been 11 spams since July 7; thus, an average of 1 spam a day. It's certainly too much, but it's not that dramatic, is it? If there is a 100% reliable way of preventing spam, I'm sure that Igor will be happy to be informed by the experts.
  6. No. Exe files can't be run on smartphones or tablets and other devices using Android as operating system.
  7. In order to be clearer or more specific, attached is a copy of the activity log showing the spammers already banned today (and the day isn't over!)
  8. Gary, What you receive, as we all receive as well, are the notifications from the Forum of new subjects or topics. These notifications are automatically generated by the forum software and they quote the posted text but they are not the spam in itself. When the administrators or people in charge receive these notifications and/or see these spams, they react as soon as possible by deleting the topic and banning the spammer; this of course being subject to their presence and availability.
  9. Very very sad news, indeed. Maureen was very much dedicated to promoting AV, particularly among young people, and she was very engaged and enthusiastic in her numerous activities. We have met several times (including once with Igor) and it was always a pleasure to see her again with her dear husband Robert. I feel sad tonight and my deepest thoughts go to Robert and the family.
  10. Works good and fast for me ! Well done, Igor.
  11. JagJag, if you read carefully the announcement on this page, and in particular the paragraph 'Upgrades', you'll see that you have to buy the upgrade from any previous version to new v 8 (quote: "The upgrade price from all previous versions 1.0 -7.5 to the new Deluxe 8 is only $34."). To buy the upgrade to v 8, go to this page and at the bottom, choose the original PTE version number you bought (not the successive upgrades, but the very first PTE edition you bought) - since you say that you bought it in 2005, I very much think that it's a version prior to 7.0, but only you can know. Then, after having clicked on the appropriate link a new page will open and it's in the box provided on that page that you'll enter your previous version license key. This is the way to receive the new v 8 license key at the special discounted price of $34 (or the equivalent in your currency). I hope that it's clear.
  12. I'm not sure if I understand correctly your question or complaint, because when I go to the "Tutorials and Articles" section (Here), I see that there are 4 or 5 full pages available, the first posts in this section being even as old as 2005 and 2006.
  13. Excellent demo of PTE functions with a good use of videos; and your pictures are amazing !
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