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O&A zoom X and Y unlinked

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I've been out of action a while, so not familiar enough with Version 9.

In O&A, when I add a frame, I want to adjust width an height independently, using the handles on top and sides.

The aspect ratio of the frame seems to be maintained, regardless of the setting of the sync X/Y control.

Am I missing something?

Thanks to all.


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Il faut sélectionner la poignée et appuyer en même temps sur la touche Maj 

You have to select the handle and press the Shift key at the same time


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You can also break the "chain link" at the right of the X & Y values for the zoom (by clicking on it), and then ajust the values independently for the two zoom factors.

For instance, you may want to stretch horizontally a landscape shot in 4/3 format, in order to fill the 16/9 ratio of your TV screen ; in that case, the X-zoom factor to apply is 133% (Y-factor remaining at 100%), and it can be applied as a numerical figure, rather than visually by moving handles on the scrren.

Both options are useful, of course.

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