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Create Slide Style with a specific Mask

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I am trying to create a style with a specific mask file.  I see others have done this, so I am missing something important.  What is it? 

I cannot make the style use a specific file as a mask.  Instead, I get this.  I have played with Image indexing, which I don't think is relevant, to no avail.  


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It might help if you attach a sample of the specific file that you are trying to use.

I just created a style with a mask stencil which is a JPEG and it works OK.

Indexing will only be required if you want the Mask Stencil to be different each time you use the Style.


P.S. If the "6032:4096" reference above is an indication of the size of your specific file, you might try using a more normal size file if only to keep the size of the Created Style to a manageable level. It is included in the Style.





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Thanks Dave.  I am using one of Barry's "Edges."  While the dimensions are huge (for scaling) the file size is quite small at 575 Kb.  

Here is a sample:


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