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Applying a User Style

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Using PTE Version 9, I have created a User Style that need just a single inage.  Now I want to apply it to 20 slides, consecutive in the Slide List.

I sel;ect the 20 slides and click on the Slide Style button.  PTE now tells me the Style needs 20 slides and I have 20 slides selected.

Apart from that quirky matter, it seems to do just what I want - apply the style to each slide individually.

Am I doing something wrong?  Or is it simply a bug?

Ken T.


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It's not a mistake, it's logic. If you create ANY style for a single slide it can be applied to any number of slides. When you "select" say 20 slides the style would "need" 20 slides. Should you have selected 5 styles, the style would "need" five slides.

It's PTE's way of telling you that you have selected a number of slides compatible with the style. The message "could" be verbose and say "the style needs one slide but is compatible with any number. You have selected 20 slides so everything is copacetic"  but that a lot of words to tell you that you have not made a mistake.

Best regards,


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Lin, it may well be 'simple logic' to some people but, I think that the description should be made much easier to understand. I admit to being a simple bloke and would prefer something with a bit more clarity :)

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Do a little research?

Load an image into the Slide List and open up the Styles window.

Each Style tells you how many images it needs to properly function. The Information tells you that you need x Image(s) and that you have chosen x Image(s)


If you make a mistake you get a preview of your error and also the information that you need x Image(s) but only loaded x Image(s)



You can make the style "fit" precisely the Duration of the Slide it is being applied to, but the Transition Duration(s) might need a little adjustment. 

Plenty of information available in the OH and also in Barry's Tutorials and also Lin's.

Trial and error will fill in a lot of gaps.

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