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How to use Slide Options to draw the eye...

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An experienced photographer will know how to draw the eye, with a carefully composed image. Often they have a focal point and use lines and curves in the composition to draw the eye to it. This creates a perception of depth and makes the image more pleasing to the eye.

Consider how a print draws your eye and think about how this could be translated into a slide show. There is a way to do this subtly.

In PTE AV Studio, select an image with a clearly defined focal point. Then tap on the 'Slide Options' box/icon on the bottom left.

Select Standard Transitions


Tap on the circle icon

And you have two options

From Center or

To Center.

IMHO these could be renamed 'From here', and 'To here'. You can control where the 'center' is. The key is to reduce the 'Thickness of smoothing line' to 0. So you can see what is going on. You use the X and Y to set your 'center' / focal point or 'here' Once you have the 'center', where you want it, change the thickness of the smoothing line up to around 80-90.

The beauty of mp4 files is that you can stop on exact points in time of the flow.  So just FYI here are a few to and from details for you to look at and consider how they work and IMHO improve and draw attention the composition.

1.11 To

1.28 From

1.43 To

2.20 From

2.34 From

2.47 To

3.56 To

4.10 To

4.24 To (note the placement of the tree in the 'V' of the valley)

4.44 the dog has no head. One of the problems of using a 5 shot HDR auto blend

iPhone 6 shots, the ProCamera app (in a paid for add on, HDR) takes 5 images and automatically blends them. The results are often simply perfect. The app also produces a bigger jpg with less compression than the Apple Camera jpg. Sometimes, I used a wide angle lens attachment.




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Another stunning presentation, thankyou.

Two questions please?

Did you manager to visit when there were no tourists around, get up extra early, or had to remove people from your photos? Curious, Lake Ditrict & Tourists kind of go together?

And in all your Shows I am captivated also by your choice of soundtrack. How do you manage to find such inspirational music?



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