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First subtitle for a slideshow


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I have been working on my third slideshow with the help of PTE... Now I am using a video I shot in Brazil 

and need to add subtitles so the audience can get the message of a beach soccer trainer.

I have used a text box and made it slide as a standard pano variation but

am getting difficulties to focus on the text. Tried to compensante with shorter typo

but think this does not help.

Here is the link to the temporary file - the subtitles come at the very end of the slideshow.

Slideshow - 4k - look after 3:59

I would appreciate your toughs and ideas on how I can make it better.

Thank you all and have a great weekend!




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Hi Matt, great pictures.

The text is moving much too fast to read it.

Moving text is much harder to read than still text

It would be better to just put up a line at a time, leave it on long enough to read.

You know what it says, but your audience only has one chance to read it and they will be looking at the video as well.

Then put up the next line.

Add a drop shadow - make the size of the shadow large so it adds a soft blur to the background of the text which helps it stand out against the image.


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