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A Birthday Visit To Martin Mere Bird Sanctuary,

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You may have read earlier on another thread, I dropped one of our cameras which has damaged the viewing screen. Luckily, I was able to download the images I took. This is another 90% video production so it's too big to go on SSC. My partner & I have the same birthday week with a years differnce. We booked this some time ago. Luckily the weather wasn't bad. One of us has memory problems & the other mobility problems. Luckily our eldest daughter came along to help us through & pay for the fish & chip lunch. The show is just over 5 min's & can be seen on vimeo. The link is 

A Birthday Visit to Martin Mere Bird Sanctuary.

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Hi Rosemary

Thanks for your comments on the show.

I asked the question about the camera in 3 different sources, spent 10 minutes with Panasonics chat but as yet haven't found a solution. Panasonic could only come up with an address in London to send it for repair. At the moment we are not using our cameras to a great extent, so my thoughts  are to put up with it. We have 4 other sources to take pictures with.

Kind Regards

Rosy Cheeks.

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