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Great american National Parks in winter

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Hello from France !

I visited some of the great american National Parks in winter... a long time ago... (January 1994 and again in January-February 1995), and of course I brought back a number of great pictures (I went only to take pictures...).

Also, I was carrying a 6x6 Hassy (and a tripod !).

I never made shows with these pictures - but the virus gave me the time I needed to scan the pictures (6x6 negas, 4,5x4,5 slides and 24x36 slides : quite a job !).

I have now completed 4 shows : Death valley, Zion, Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon. They are on my Vimeo channel : www.vimeo.com/channels/danmasse or :

Death valley :

Zion :


Monument Valley :


and Bryce Canyon :


Enjoy !

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Trés bien Dan!!

Must have been quite a lot of work as you say digitizing the images. The productions are very well done.


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Beautifully presented and produced. I like the way that you presented the square format images excellent quality!


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Thank you John and Kieron !

I spent a wonderful time visitng the Parks in winter... and again when I digitized the pictures and relived my experiences...

In fact, I have travelled to many wonderful places in the world (see for instance my show on mountains of the world), but I believe the US Parks are the most varied and beautiful...


Thanks for visiting !


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Dan, beautiful quality audio visuals that show how good medium format film was.  You did a lot of work with the digitizing and making these AV's.

I liked the way you incorporated the old westerns in your "Monument Valley" show.

Thanks for showing.


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Thanks Bert for your message !


Indeed, medium format film was of a quality the digital cameras do not always meet...

A friend of mine, a professional photographer, tells me that in his opinion, a good scan of a medium format picture is easily as good as a modern digital photo of 35-45 Mo. He still uses a panoramic argentic camera quite often : he says the colors have no equivalent in the digital pictures - and I quite agree with him.

I am presently posting on Vimeo a slight variation of my Bryce show : I was not satisfied with the dancing girl on the last picture. I litteraly spent days trying to build a better animated gif. I guess this one is better - but not perfect. And animated gif's are not easy to integrate smoothly into PTE...

Well, that will do - until I find a better way... I have already spent too much time for a few seconds of the show...

I wish you all the best !

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I think that your "mountains" sequence is absolutely superb  in the presentation and quality!

When I was a bit younger Used my Rollei 6008 plus lenses along with a Leica R7 plus lenses on holidays in Switzerland, however I don't think I could carry that much now!

A question if I may. What scanner and software do you use?



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Hello landsberger !

Thank you so much for liking my pictures of mountains ! Carryng the camera, the lenses and sometimes the tripod, was worth the effort. Like you, I could not dream of doing that again now, but at least I have the pictures ! And I spent a wonderful time scanning them and putting them together in a show... It was worth it : otherwise, the pictures would be lost forever...

I have an excellent scanner - maybe the best : a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED. And I use Vuescan. I scan to raw (dng) and I make the corrections with Phososhop and Camera Raw. I did spend quite a few hours to decide on a working process...

Regards !



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Hello John !

I believe the 8000 ED and the 9000 ED are almost identical - except that the 9000 accepts the 6x6 dias and negas. The 9000 costs an arm... if you find one. But some are avalaible on the used market. The main problem is that it is fairly delicate, and must be handled sith great care (don't carry it using the door opening !). And it may be difficult to find a repair technician...

I try not to move mine at all... And I still use Windows 7, as I am not certain that it would work with Win 10 (Ed Hamrick says it does...). The problem, as I see it, is that it is connected by FireWire, a connection which is not available on recent computers.

They are both of an excellent quality

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