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  1. Very impressive you are lucky to live in such a fantastic area, unfortunately here in WA we don't have the beautiful mountain scenery. I quite agree with you about equipment, technique and care go a long way towards making good images! John
  2. Very well presented and quite emotive. I was especially touched by the image of the two children by the wreaths, makes one wonder what is their connection to it all. John
  3. Liked this a lot, looks a great area to visit but unfortunately a bit far from Western Australia! For me I would have liked the changes between locations to be just a little slower john
  4. Hello Dan Sorry not to have replied earlier, have been in hospital for 5days. The Nikon 8000 is virtually identical to the 9000 they both use the same film slide holders and the 8000 scans 6x6 and 6x9 fortunately I have been able to get all of the film adapters available including the rotating glass holder which has Hasselblad XPan masks included. My system is Windows 10 X64 and Vuescan / Nikon work perfectly. I keep on looking at the Nikon 9000 but the prices are very high when they appear here in Australia. Mine is connected by Firewire I installed a pci firewire card in the main PC and have the Nikon and an Epson perfection flatbed permanently connected John
  5. Dan Thanks for your kind reply. I use a Nikon as well, mine is 8000 ED and Vuescan. I also have got Silverfast which I will get to try sometime. regards John
  6. Dan I think that your "mountains" sequence is absolutely superb in the presentation and quality! When I was a bit younger Used my Rollei 6008 plus lenses along with a Leica R7 plus lenses on holidays in Switzerland, however I don't think I could carry that much now! A question if I may. What scanner and software do you use? Regards John
  7. Beautifully presented and produced. I like the way that you presented the square format images excellent quality! John
  8. A great improvement compared to the original. John
  9. Beautifully presented and very enjoyable, I think that the gentle pace of the show is perfect for your images. If you can lose the black borders at the beginning the show will be even better. Well done. john
  10. I have not heard of St Odile so this was interesting for me. I like the presentation and appreciate what you tried to convey with video clips but for me the quality was not good enough to blend with the still images. Also I would have liked to see more of the outside of the monastery when you reached the top! Please do accept that the above comments are meant to be helpful and not negative about your sequence. Regards John
  11. Very impressive and most enjoyable brings back memories of winter when growing up in the UK! Today here in Perth WA it hit 40 C, I wish it would snow. John
  12. Thanks to Tom's suggestion I managed to create a pdf using Acrobat. It turned out to be 101mb in size, next task is to check it against the web pages. John
  13. This may sound stupid so I apologize in advance. Is it possible to download the online help docs so that I can refer them offline? John
  14. Very clever indeed, may I suggest another version with a slide projector animation which would appropriate for sequences which use still images and not video. John
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