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  1. Very nice images beautifully put together, however the reverb added is really distracting. It makes it sound as if you did the recording in the bathroom! John
  2. Very entertaining your gardening skills are far better than mine. A great variety of shots, just one thing for me the fades were a little too quick at times and I would have liked more time to appreciate your handiwork. If you make another version perhaps varying the fade rates could be advantageous. John
  3. Thanks I'll have to explore Max Richter's music. John
  4. What is the first piece of music in the show? It sets the mood perfectly. John
  5. Superb photography with great impression of drama coupled with an excellent soundtrack! John
  6. Very impressive and an unexpected poem which fits the images beautifully
  7. Beautifully presented and brings back memories of visits to Scotland. You asked for suggestions may I offer two: 1. There is a shot from a low angle looking up river to a white croft (the next image is of some deer) to me it appears that it needs straightening, the water in the middle of the shot seems to be tilted down to the left. 2. I found the sudden change from landscapes to a close-up of rock a bit abrupt maybe a bit of a longer dissolve could improve it. John
  8. Very well put together and paced with the music which I found really appropriate. I did not find the sequence to be long in fact it seemed to be over rather sooner than I expected. I have to agree that having a narration would detract from the message of the images and possibly colour the viewers impression and understanding. I am not at all surprised that previous versions have done well. I have seen other sequences on this subject and yours is by far the best. Regards John
  9. All of my computers are running Windows 10 64 bit except for a notebook which is 32 bit. John
  10. Regarding the flag obscuring some of the text, would it not be possible to move the flag higher up the screen instead of changing its size? Also the text at the top left at the very beginning I found the color a little weak, maybe a darker color to make it "stand out". Regards John
  11. My pleasure Andrew. I always tell people who are making an AV to walk away from it for about a week, then look at it again with fresh eyes. It's amazing what that break can do for the creative genius inside us. John
  12. Really liked your show very moving. May I make a couple of suggestions that I think would make it even better. 1. Near the beginning there is a shot (at 1.04) of the plaque and flags, I would suggest that it may be even more effective by swapping it with the ending shot of the (days) programme. For me it would set the scene by having the image of the programme at the beginning telling the viewer what is going to happen and leaving us with the plaque and flags as the final poignant fade out. 2. Have you considered centering the video on the screen instead of the bottom right corner? I
  13. Very impressive, the client should be over the moon with what you have produced
  14. I already said in my earlier post 15 mins!
  15. A long time ago a couple I knew decided to renew their wedding vows after wards we were subjected to over 3 hours VHS tapes of the ceremony and following reception! For anyone I would suggest an absolute maximum of 15 mins of highlights no more. Bride & Groom plus parents excepted of course. John
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