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  1. Barry... You have done it again!! Awesome and breath taking video Bart
  2. Thanks Igor t is going to take me a while to get back in "action" with P2E!!
  3. Hello.. Thanks for the soundtracks!! I have seen and heard some of those on another web site. Bart btw...keep up the awesome work you are providing
  4. Hello everyone!! Hope all of you are being safe and staying healthy. I have a problem about resizing videos and wondering if P2E can do the job!! My wife use two smart phones to record a project. After she recorded them she noticed that one was done in landscape mode and the other in portrait mode. Can P2E "stretch" the portrait mode one into a landscape mode so the two will "match!" Thanks and if I posted this in the wrong forum, kindly move it to the corrected one. Bart
  5. Thank you wideangle for the steps and help Bart
  6. Thank you sir...I will check on it sometime today when I get a chance. Also thanks for the welcome back too!! I can not find or figure out how to add my own text to this!! Can someone tell or show me how please?
  7. Hello everyone!! Can someone tell this lost member how to install this! (step by step plesase..rememnber I have been gone for awhile ) If you have wonder where I have been..well I have been away from a computer up until about May of this year. I had some priorities to take care of and they lasted more than thought. I hope it will NEVER happen again. I hope now, I can come back here and learn some new stuff (IF I am still invited in here!) Hope all of you are being SAFE Bart btw... I missed ALL of you!!!!
  8. chrisp.. I will agree with Colin..it is not PTE doing it..it must be those free firewall programs that you are installing on your PC! I noticed that you made a similar request in the past about another firewall program was not allowing you to preview your files! (http://www.picturestoexe.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10211) Take the advice given from Colin and try a reputable program and see if that is it and remember you should never run but one instance of a firewall and anti-virus program at a time! Bart
  9. Stu.. Thanks for this tool. I am forever losing my keys to different programs and this is a must for my collection. Thanks again for all what you have done to make PTE a wonderful piece of software! Bart
  10. Hello everyone I just posted a video a friend emailed me up on my web site. (I converted it from a avi to a flv for your viewing pleasure.) It is truly amazing and a must see! ENJOY! Bart btw.. I have revamped the entire site and have added more features for members! It is all new and I am inviting all to come and join. THANKS
  11. With all new versions of windows and the computers of today, it will use more resources! Look at it this way.. take a computer 5 years ago.. it needed a few resources like a moderate hard drive, CD drive, graphics card, memory, etc. Today..the computers has to have it because of multimedia, TV cards, massive hard drives and memory, accelerated graphics, etc. Computers today will again be extinct in a matter of months! This is my two cents..this may or may not reflect the outcome of this discussion! Bart
  12. Hello everyone... As promised..my web site is up now and hopefully I will not hit the "wrong" key again! (if you see any mistakes, bugs, etc. please let me know and I will correct them ASAP) It has a multimedia gallery, tutorial section, upload/download section and much more! Thanks again for asking about it and hope to see you there! ENJOY, Bart btw.. I am in no way a multimedia expert..my site is there for everyone to learn from each other, as well... I will learn from you, the member!
  13. Hello everyone..How are you? Fine I hope!! I want to thank the ones that PM here and email me about what happened to my web site. I was backing up the web site and I must have hit a wrong key or something. I was doing this before I had major surgery and was trying to get it up and going before my surgery! ANYHOW.. I am "back on the saddle again" and restoring my web site. If all goes well and if I am able to do so..it will be up and running by this weekend. Again..thanks to everyone that asked and cared. (You are one in a million..and a TRUE friend!) Hope to see you there along with your d
  14. Hello Douglas.. That is the correct URL!! Dom must be updating his site or his server is having trouble! Give it a few more hours, if not drop him a PM from here and tell him you are having trouble getting on at his web site. Hope this helps, Bart
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