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Sharing PTE AV Studio 10 Pro from PC to Laptop [SOLVED]


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I've tried sharing this program from my PC to my laptop in prep for a workshop and when I enter my licence key I am told it is either inaccurate or damaged.  I have checked several times and the key on my original  matches what I input so presumably its damaged.  I have emailed and was told I would get a response in two minutes....didn't happen.  I filled in a form and submitted it....nothing came back.  I looked for a telephone contact and there is no person to person contact.  I'm at a loss. I could continue with the free 30 days but I have paid and want to have it installed on my laptop.  Any ideas please?

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If it is a V10.5 Key it cannot get "damaged" - most likely you have inputted a "0" in place of a "O" or vice versa. If you still have the original email with the Key copy and paste rather than try to key it in.


P.S. Check your Junk mail?

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Hi Anne,

I apologize for this problem.

I found your ticket submitted 1h 35m ago and we just replied. Also I attach a copy of our reply in a personal message through this forum.

Please let me know if you received it.

P.S. I recommend to use Ctrl+C to copy the key and then paste the key by Ctrl+V in PTE AV Studio to avoid typos.

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