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  1. I recently had a fake email offering a cheaper upgrade to version 9 and an email from Paypal global. I have had to change my paypal account.
  2. Following my last course in Cardiff I suggest the following items 1. Ability to edit a sound clip on a audio track ie - if you have a voice over track to have the ability to cut it into sections and move individual edits to correct positions. 2. Ability to save the final mixed audio track on its own as a wav or mp3 3. ability to see the audio graphic display in objects and animations. 4. ability to move multiple key frames ( by pressing tab or control keys) 5. ability to choose different transitions to images added in objects and animation section 6. option of both percent or position of key frames in objects and animation 7. ability to import 3d objects ie *.obj
  3. Strange! I have had malwarebytes on several computers for a while and never had problems with running any pte exe files of any kind.I also use ccleaner.
  4. Although it is a lot easier in several versions of Photoshop or elements - manually in older versions or automatic using Align in newer ones you could probably do for free in GIMP see http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-align.html. I have aligned about twenty images in PS and occasional the odd 2 in PTE objects and animation and that is not too difficult as Lin has already explained.
  5. after effects but you could use premiere or aviedit. Richard
  6. I regularly use sequences of short video clips,time laps etc in sequences. One total time lapse seq contains over 4300 images at 30ms This plays pretty well on my latest machine and even on the older ones as the image size was only 640 x480 ( shot some years ago on early digital cameras) The exe file is only 192 megs for this. The latest programmes contain slowmo video clips and time lapse sequences at 2048 x 768 The exe file is quite large 1.1 gigabytes but it plays fine on 2 of my fastest machines with GTX460 and GTX285 graphic cards onboard. You need plenty of memory! Video clips are saved as individual frames and loaded in bulk (using the tab key) onto the time line and quick transition selected for all and time interval of 30ms or near depending on smoothness of motion. www.rtfract.com
  7. Hi igor Just sent you an email confirming that the new music test beta worked fine on the older Shuttle. Well done. Igor strikes again! Richard
  8. Hi Igor Further to the above the mp3 file is the standard Audition 1.5 version I think - mp3 pro 16 bit stereo 44khz Yes the sync was switched on in timeline
  9. Hi Igor I have just downloaded the above and will transfer them to my other machine and test them in a few minutes. I have sent you an email separately re the sequence I mentioned before. Richard
  10. I have had exactly the same problem. Last night I was upgrading an old show to beta11 - smoothing the pans etc. In the show there are specific sound FX at several moments in the sound track. When I checked the time line and played it everything was OK and then I played the preview back from the time line starting several images back from where I had made some changes and still everything was Ok. So I played the sequence from the beginning and noticed that there was a mis match between the sound and the image. It was about a second out. I then played the same sequence on my new machine with a faster graphics card and it played perfectly !! I am now making more room on the older computer and will be defragging it to see if this makes any difference.
  11. For those interested I have updated the demo I did of an early beta to the latest beta 10 using the new controls for zoom and pan. I did find that several complex 'object and animation' panels required a lot of surgery! But the simple ones took only a few seconds to update to the super new 'bezier' curves control. Incidently I suspect the person who designed the icons is a formula 1 racing fan! You will find the link to the new demo at the bottom of the following page http://www.rtfract.com/digiview.htm
  12. Hi Igor, The zooms and pan linear interface look good and work well, especially with the individual speed options. However I have been doing some checking of the speed of loading fast image sequences- i.e. video sequences in individual frames and time lapse sequences. On my old Shuttle which has a modest graphics card (GeForce 4800)and using version 8u I am able to run 338 images at a rate of 20 ms per slide and it runs smoothly -almost as fast as video! However when I run version 10 with hardware acceleration OFF nothing happens. At 30ms it runs but very badly At 50ms it runs jerkily. At 75ms and 100ms it runs better but not smoothly. At 20- 75ms with acceleration ON nothing happens - it freezes. At 100ms there did not appear to be much difference between the acceleration set to on or off. I then tried it on a new Shuttle with a much better graphics card (NVidia 8800GTS) and a faster hard drive and more RAM but results were almost the same. In the test above the images were only 640 x 480 so there does appear to be a change in the loading of images from 8u to 9 and 10. With the acceleration ON the lowest time interval I can achieve with the new Shuttle is 150ms with 60 images. Will there be any chance of improving the loading of jpegs with the acceleration ON as from the practical point of view it is almost certain one would want to use fast sequences and pans etc as is possible in 8u Richard
  13. I forgot add that I tried a seq of 6100 images 640x 480 and it went through too quickly at 10ms but setting it at 20ms it took 2 min for the seq. Runs very smoothly. Its a 250 meg file so too big to upload Off to watch England win now
  14. The new beta 3 version of PTE5 is much more powerful for time lapse. The images are now skipping through at a great rate. Get them down to 1024 x 768 for smooth running. I have added a short time lapse of 766 images taken at Aspen. You will find it here http://www.richardtucker.plus.com/digiviewextras.htm I set fade to 0 and time interval to 10ms
  15. I have just put online a short extract from a sequence ( 12 - a tongue in cheek search for a briefcase) trying out some of the fx in v5beta3. You can save it from http://www.richardtucker.plus.com/digiviewextras.htm
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