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  1. I like. Thanks Paul. Bernard
  2. Hi Dom, for French users, would it be possible to have in the template accented lowercase letters and some other peculiarities of the French language? But I think it could take a long time to doit. Best regards, Bernard.
  3. Dom, thank you for this great template. And with your very clear explanations I was able to write a word! Bernard
  4. Hi Dom, Even if it is not a style, I would like to try to do something with this template. Thanks, Bernard
  5. I went to see but this template is not there. Thanks, Bernard
  6. Yes! it works! For my album with 12 images: image 1, image 2, [...] image 7, image 8, image 9, image 10 apply opening style image 9, image 10, image 11, image 12 apply closing style One more time: super job, Dom! Bernard
  7. And also images 5 and which are identical. But I think it's not annoying.
  8. Hi wideangle, Before applying the styles, images 7 and 8 (last images of the first 8 images on which the opening style is applied) are different from images 9 and 10 (first images of the last 4 images on which the closing style is applied). I just made a little mistake at the beginning: images 1 and 2 are identical. Regards, Bernard
  9. Hi Dom, A little photo album (8 photos with style 00 + 4 photos with style 20b) where theres is a discontinuity: Bernard.
  10. Hi Dom, There is a good continuity between the position of the album at the end of the style "00 - Opening Sequence" and the position of the album at the beginning of the style "20b - Closing sequence". It's a pity that the connection can't be made with a page turn. I think that it's not possible. Best regards, Bernard
  11. Thank ypu, Dom. I've downloaded the file. To-morrow I'll try the new style.
  12. Hi Dom, Where can I download the new version? Bernard
  13. Hi Dom, I'm making an album with 16 photos plus 16 backgrounds (32 slides) using the styles "00 - Opening Sequence" and "20 - Closing sequence". After applying the first style on the first 12 photos (24 slides) the album ends with a 0° tilt. But the album obtained with the second style on the last 4 photos (8 slides) starts with a 20° tilt. Is it possible to "smoothly connect" the two parts of the album? With a kind of intermediate style - maybe on on 8 slides - which would make the album go from a non-tilted album to a 20° tilted album? I hope you understand what I mean.:-) But
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