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  1. Certainly adds new depth to slide shows. I will grab my canon 5D and get some views taken as HD video to try out some ideas. I have kept out of the beta testing so far, but this short presentation has convinced me to investigate further. Well done Igor for following through with your vision. We have all benefitted. Jeff
  2. I have been off line on "Grandad Duty" at Warwick Castle, and I am back on this project now. I really want to thank everyone for their input. I understand what I need to do, and will be sorting it out tonight so that I can move this project forward, and will look at motion blur as Peter suggested. Even though I haven't finalised my solution, you have given me a clear way ahead with a lot of experience along the way. Thanks
  3. Once again thanks to all who have offered assistance and examples. I have learnt a lot, and Lin's simple comment on resizing was a revelation. I was not sure what I was doing when trying to create a mask in CS5! I am still stuck with how I create the white stroke frame along with a drop shadow around the masked area. I thought I would send my development file up for all to see and comment on. The isssue is on the screen after the titles at the race start line up prior to the event. I want a white stroke frame with a drop shadow to complete this slide. For interest, the few extra slides are just some ideas I was testing. The final show will not have this structure. This show is my first home grown effort, so I am using the opportunity to get to grips with many aspects of the program. I have also used CS5 which I am even more of a beginner at to generate the titles and resize the images. As you can see - proof of novicehood.... All comments are much appreciated. Jeff WSB 2011Alpha.zip
  4. Thanks Hubert and Davegee, I appreciate your suggestions and the kind example file. My challenge is to create a frame which is moving on the background screen with a child animated picture image located totally inside the frame. Here is the bit I am stuck with. The pan and zoom inside the frame requires the picture image to be larger than the outside dimensions of the frame, as I want to pan and zoom it. I am sure I have seen some demo slide shows on the forum with this sort of effect. May I encourage and appreciate any extra thoughts on the matter. Regards Jeff
  5. I am trying out my first slide show, and I want to place an image in a phtographic style window (about 60% of the main screen and a traditional white border) in which the image inside the photograph zooms or pans. Please can anyone point me in the right direction? I am still working in version 6.5. Thanks
  6. Igor, I agree with previous replies that this is excellent news. I am sure many amongst the ranks will welcome the opportunity to pull together the power of the photographic image with a short appropriate video clip. In fact I am sure many PTE users already animate to create Psuedo video effects. I'm ready to do some testing!!!!!
  7. John, I am glad to hear that things worked out with the m4/3rds system. I was also out with mine over the weekend and came back with some excellent shots around the main market in Milton Keynes. Doesn't sound as exciting as your expedition. Enjoy your new found freedom. I tend to crop all my shots to 16:9 and 4:3 as I almost exclusively use HD Widescreen TV or a 15" Photoframe. However, I nearly always take the shot in 4:3 as this gives the best options for later decisions, this is because the 16:9 mode crops for you meaning 1. You are using leass of the sensor area. 2. You can't go back if it's done in the camera. I know you won't regret your decision as the lenses from Olympus and Panasonic are excellent. Regards Jeff
  8. I have just checked and I get the same result. it reports me as being in the following web area. * WnSoft Forums * > Messenger * > My Conversations As no one speaks to me..... I don't have any conversations!!
  9. I often use the free version of Yousendit, and would recommend it. However, it does have a 100Mb limit, which can still be restricting with some video formats. A further useful alternative is the on line storage services such as adrive.com (10GB free storage) and www.humyo.com (a massive 50Gb free storage.) However, transfering a DVD size file is still going to take you a whack of time. I suggest set the upload running and go and get a coffeeI mean go on holiday! The benefit of these sites is that you can place the files into an "invited area" and get the person to download them direct. This doesn't compromise your security at all. Plus it's a great way of getting a free off site back up for your important files.
  10. I laughed so much at "The Grand Tour", excellent stuff. I agree with the other forum members, the slide carrier graphic is terrific. Now I need to rethink one or two of my previous slideshows.... Thanks for the inspiration.
  11. John, I had the same dilemma, and even worse in that many city centre arcades wont allow a DSLR but will allow a digital camera without any fuss. I decided to purchase a Olympus Pen P2 camera to give me the same size sensor as their E30 DSLR. This also had the benefit of being able to use the full range of 4/3rd Lenses found on the E series camera. (With an adaptor) It also gave me HD Video (1080i only) which was also a bonus. I also like the electronic viewfinder which really helps in situations with high background light. The results are superb, as it uses the same sensor, and picture engine of the Olympus E Series cameras. Zuiko lenses are terrific (as are panasonic) and the latest micro 4/3rd lenses have excellent performance. I still prefer my E-30 for pro work, as there are many extra functions available on the camera, but I can work perfectly well with the Pen with no loss of quality. If you decided to go to a bridge camera, (I have a lumix creative camera)you will still get good performance, but the pictures do suffer from the smaller sensor. By the way, I have yet to be targeted by the "tripod police" for using the Pen camera. Jeff
  12. I use this about three times a day on two different PCs and I find it invaluable and I find it is about 95% accurate, in fact the Wnsoft forums have earned a permanant homepage position over the past month. As I am watching and learning, it gives me a whole new set of ideas to go and test. I will get my first slide show done, I have promised myself I must do it! Jeff
  13. I am a newbie, and so I am currently running trials to see what I can achieve with the various animation functions. I have been working with the flip and am trying to get picture A to flip to Picture B without flipping the background. Is this possible? Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial which may help me with this? My overall goal is to reduce an image to quarter screen size, flip it over them move it to the side with picture B showing before a final fade.
  14. I am just at the other end of the user scale in that I have yet to produce my first actual PicturesToExe slideshow. So any insights and information would be extremely helpful, as I have yet to discover what works in the development of an effective show, especially when there is a significant content. At the moment, I am just learning to control movement and fades in the software, so again shortcuts and tweaks can be so important for fast production. I am sure that writing up your experiences will not only benefit basic users like me, but also add to the quality of productions within the wnsoft communities. I would encourage you to share your knowledge.
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