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Using PTE as a Video Titler

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I'm looking for a flexible video titler, to produce titles that i will use in Resolve.

After looking for an openFX plugin (there are some out there but really don't like them) i tought i could use PTE for the task.

Given that i need titles to superimpose on background video (rolling credits and so on), what is the more efficient export that i can use for the task?

Thanks! Umberto

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Objects and Animation / Properties (of the TEXT).

Rasterize Text to PNG Image.

You can do this in Photoshop or similar. It is not animated.


P.S. You can add your video clip to a PTE Project and create the Animated text over it, then save that as another video clip.

Does that help?

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Thank you Dave for your hint.

Anyway i feel it difficult to perform a part of the editing in PTE and a part on Resolve.

Would PTE be able to render uncompressed AVI files with transparency, like, say, BluffTitler?

This would allow me to overlay PTE AVI generated file in the Resolve timeline.

P.S. You may wonder why i don't use BluffTitler. Well... it just doesn't click in like PTE :)

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Hi Umberto,

No, PTE can't generate or use uncompressed AVI files with transparency. PTE can use compressed AVI files such as RGBA transparency from the Huffyuv ver 2.11 codec, but not uncompressed AVI.

Actually, I need to explain the above. PTE can generate an uncompressed AVI file but can't use it as strange as this may sound - it will lock up PTE if you try to run the uncompressed AVI created. The uncompressed AVI created with PTE works fine in programs which can use uncompressed AVI files. However, PTE can't generate an uncompressed AVI with transparency. When you generate an AVI with PTE using the Huffyuv ver 2.11 codec, you do not have the option to "save" the alpha channel even though PTE can use an RGBA AVI with transparency.

I use BluffTitler and ParticleIllusion, both of which can output RGBA with alpha channel transparency and use the output in PTE. I know the developers have been working on a new graphical engine for PTE and I believe a future version will be able to use other alpha channel formats and probably uncompressed AVI but right now it's limited to RGBA compressed AVI or achieving transparency by using an alpha matte as a mask with the video running beneath.

Best regards,


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