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V10 problems

Mike Reed

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I have just experienced problems with programmes made with V10  -   64 bit not being recognised by my computer running 32 bit. Is there any solution other than to revert to making the programme in V 9

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Hi Mike,

It only applies to executable code. If you make video with a 64 bit system it will be recognized on a 32 bit system. 

Actually, there have been 64 bit Windows operating systems since Win XP. You don't need Win 10, you need a 64 bit OS and that could be Win 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10. Some of the new features in PTE AV Studio 10 are not designed to work with XP or Vista.  All new MacIntosh operating systems are 64 bit so to be compatible with both Windows and MacIntosh it was necessary to go to 64 bit which offers myriad advantages. 

Best regards,


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Mike, if you have made your show in PTE 10, but need a 32bit exe then just open the PTE project in V9 and create the exe in that. 

As long as you haven't used any of the new slide style options then the .pte file should open in V9

Or as suggested above make an MP4. If the shows contains heavy animation and/or video then it is better to make an MP4 especially if entering into competitions.


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