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Coronavirus - Time Travel with Photoshop

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I have a sneaky suspicion that YouTube have censored the video above and removed it. I noticed it not showing up on my website when it certainly was a couple of days ago. I always check everything is working in another browser before I consider a video posted on YouTube and my site, so I’m pretty confident I had this done right.

I’ve heard other YouTubers who said they cannot mention the word Coronavirus in their videos, or YouTube censors them. I assumed that was BS, although I know YouTube censors the political right.  All I said in the video was, we are all stuck with something to do during the Coronavirus and looking back at old images was an idea worth doing. If, I’m right, that was enough for my video to be removed ???

so, let’s see if this new link disappears and confirms my suspicions


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Hi Barry,

I can see your video and audio on YouTube. Thanks.

Did you check status or reports for a video in Creative Studio on Youtube? It shows a reason of possible blocking.

By the way, did you try Vimeo? It seems to be less restrictive than YouTube.


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I did look for a reason on my account and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps it wasn’t taken down at all and it was just a mistake on my part. Can’t rule that out. I did try Vimeo once and they wanted me to pay to put up my videos, so I told them to go forth and multiply. 

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