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Some interesting technology in the keynote. I am impressed by Apple custom chip graphics compared to Nvidia and AMD graphics chips that consume much more power.





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Yes, Apple's presentation was great.

Apple has announced a move to own ARM chips in all Macs for next 2 years.

macOS on ARM will provide a work of almost all old apps for Intel CPU using Rosetta 2 translator. I think that PTE AV Studio also should work.

And once we get a new Mac with ARM we will prepare native code for ARM CPU in future Macs for the best performance. In theory we should only recompile PTE for ARM CPU with some corrections in the code, it should take about 2 months.

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Microsoft Windows might be moving away from Intel/AMD X86 processors and towards ARM processors if Apple ARM personal computers are successful. Two primary reasons are lower power consumption and increased performance. Apparently the older Intel/AMD CISC  CPU design can't compete with the newer ARM RISC CPU design. My favorite processor is AMD Ryzen with multiple cores.



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