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Slide styles and Themes button not working [SOLVED]

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I saw that Barry had reported a problem with the Styles and Themes button not working and it said that it was fixed. I had the same problem over the weekend and think that I tracked down the issue, so wanted to document it.

1. My documents directory is on OneDrive and over the weekend, I wasn't connected to the Internet. 

2. I got on the Internet on my cellphone and found the referenced issue.  It had said to zip up the Styles and Transitions directory in my documents directory.

3. When I attempted to do this, WinZip told me that the cloud provider wasn't available and wouldn't zip up the files.

4. After further investigation, I determined that not all of the files had been downloaded to the Styles and Transitions directory, it only had the names of the files. 

5. I fixed the issue by renaming the Styles and Transitions directory and launching PTE again (it worked no issues).

6.  When I got home, I tried the original directory of files.  When connected to the Internet, it works, when disconnected, the button does not seem to be working.




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Thanks for letting us know. We recommend to use a local folder for slide styles and transitions to avoid unexpected problems with PTE AV Studio due to locked or partially synchronized files.

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