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Cylindrical 360-degree panoramas

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The following style can be used to present cylindrical 360-degree panoramas (with an aspect ratio of  3.2 : 1  or greater). Insert the panorama image into PTE and apply the style, following the given description.


The video below gives an outline of the construction (in German) and shows some examples:


This style shows a deficiency of PTE, that some French experts (including JPD) already mentioned a couple of years ago. In PTE, all 3D-objects are rendered using a fixed eye point (observation point), about 342% in front of the screen. It would be fine if PTE would offer slide options for changing the position of the slide's eye point.

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The input should be a rather precise cylindrical panorama covering 360 degrees with an aspect ratio of  3.2 : 1  or greater. This is typically the case when using a single row panorama. In my video I also show a panorama that covers only about 190 degrees. But before applying the style I extended the image's width appropriately with dummy pixels.

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Sorry, but (as indicated in my (German) video) the 3 images were taken from Wikipedia. My contribution is the construction of style which can be applied on all panorama images of that kind. It automatically cuts the panorama image into 40 pieces, places them on a kind of carousel, and turns them around PTE's eye point.

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