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  1. Hi Davegee, There is nothing in my junk mail...at least not from PTE.... still no notifications....
  2. I have just changed my email address to see if that will "kick start" notifications for me!
  3. No notification of this reply by late afternoon Friday in the UK....
  4. Igor, have sent you pm with link to some files for download.
  5. Igor, denisb, Yes, the format has many options but I suspect that denisb is correct is his portrayal of "photo" tiff format.
  6. Barry, Thanks for reply - have no problem with being able to do batch conversion - for some reason I do not like jpg, so would most likely go with png. Igor, Will watch this space with interest. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Lin, Thanks for reply and information. I have a large number of tiffs built over over the years so I would have to convert all of them.... Dave
  8. I understand that PTE does not currently allow the use of the tiff file format. May I enquire if there are any plans to do so in the future? Many thanks.
  9. Igor, I am pleased to say that I have managed to get a mp4 version to run on my Android. Leaving the laptop overnight and starting fresh with hardware acceleration off (medium quality) seemed to work ok. Thanks.
  10. DG, I appreciate sentiment of staying logged in - not only do I exit the browser every time I am finished with it, I even switch off the PC if away for an hour or more.... Igor, happy to wait for your work to complete.
  11. Igor, I have managed to make a mp4 from "HD & 4K" as 1920x1080, medium quality, 30fps without using hardware acceleration and this resulted in a massive file size of 1.9Gb and this plays back both on PC and Android (VLC). The zip file is close to 1Gb which will take me a long time to upload on a 1Mbs upload! Will try a shorter version...
  12. Thanks DG!!! I have had to log in to see your comment..... other emails coming through to my address okay.... Still confused! Dave
  13. Igor, Will check as suggested later today. Selected the mobile option as hoped for smaller file size....
  14. I am trying to publish a 470 image file which is using a 3 sec AB fade transition without any motion / movement etc. Each image has been sized at 1920x1080 and saved as high quality jpeg prior to insertion into the show. When trying to publish 1280x720, medium quality, 30fps (Video for mobile devices) the resulting files cannot be played on Android 9 (Cosmo communicator) using VLC player. I have rendered file with and without hardware acceleration to no avail - the screen remains black. I have also rendered a 1920x1080 version and this will not play back on my PC with the attached i
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