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  1. Thanks for further responses. Jill, your suggestion about PTE 9 did occur to me. I know you can download it from the "old versions" on wnsoft.com but I wonder if the licence for version 10 would cover it? I'll maybe ask our new member to investigate. Luckily he seems very clued up on computers! Ronnie, yes I am aware of VLC player but the problem was I was taking a show to another club and was going to run it on their equipment. As I am sure you know, it is very unwise to assume anything about someone else's gear and what they may have installed. However I was confident it would run
  2. Thanks Lin and Dave for the suggestions and for not telling me I am an old stick-in-the-mud (Probably using that outdated phrase confirms that I am!). Yes we'll probably end up looking into upgrading the laptop. We have 11 members so we could raise a bit if everyone chips in or we could put up the annual subscription. There are good-looking deals in the UK, on ebay for instance, but there's always the worry that it's been put on ebay because it has some nasty intermittent fault. I have done something similar to what Dave suggests (embedding an mp4 in an exe file) in order to launch i
  3. I feared that was the case. I accept that the requirements for using PTE AV Studio 10 is a 64-bit processor. Limited backward compatibility of applications with hardware and operating systems is nothing new and those still using 32-bit systems can use PTE 9. However the need for the person viewing the AV to also have a 64-bit system seems to go against the original philosophy of PTE that the exe file could be played by others without needing to purchase or install any application on their computer. In particular it presents a problem to the AV Group I belong to which has a 32-bit
  4. Can someone confirm that the only exe files PTE AV Studio 10 can produce are 64-bit and therefore incompatible with 32-bit machines?
  5. I originally used Excel and VBA as I was familiar with both and the result suited the member who made the original request. I appreciate that not everyone has or wants Excel. I'll have a look at creating a standalone version that maybe creates a text file or a csv file for import into LibreOffice. No promises as to how long it might take though! Andrew
  6. As far as I know it was made with an early version of PTE, unless Dave (the author of the show) had tried Proshow before that. Anyway he also sends his thanks. Andrew
  7. Many thanks Gary for successfully extracting the images Andrew
  8. Cedric,

    In case you did not see my previous message, I have 233 images extracted from your PTE exe file. I need your email address so I can send you the zip file (41 Mbs) of these images


  9. A friend of mine asked me exactly the same question today regarding an old PTE exe file so I thought I would have a look on the forum. Is the offer from either Lin or Gary to look at an exe file still open? I seem to remember there used to be a project option about allowing extraction of pictures from the exe file. Andrew
  10. As it says in the instructions, "Blank slide" is intended to mean a true blank slide or one that is too complex for PTE Info to sort out. I agree it could be worded better. I can see from the project file that both slides 8 and 9 use 0005.jpg. Unfortunately the information for Slide 8 seems to be arranged in an unusual way so PTE Info doesn't find the image name. I thinks this is a one-off "corruption", although PTE is able to deal with it. Andrew
  11. PTE info looks for the text [slide1], [slide2] etc in the project file etc to find information about each slide. Prior to version 9 this was written [slide1] in lower case. In version 9 it appeared from my trials that "slide" was now capitalised ie [Slide1] etc so I modified PTE Info to look for this in version 9 projects. However it appears that this is not consistent, and in your project both capitalised and uncapitalised versions appear. I have modified PTE Info so it does not bother about text case and it extracts the information from your project successfully. The only issue is Slide
  12. Sorry you are having problems. If you could you send me one of the project files that don't work, I should be able to tell you the cause and possibly sort it out. Regards Andrew
  13. At Peter's request, I have updated the routine so it is compatible with PTE version 9. The revised Excel workbook can be downloaded below. Andrew PTE Info_1_2.zip
  14. It was a bit late at night and I had forgotten that I could edit your transition and see how it worked. I was surprised why there wasn't an associated mask but I see that because you used a standard PTE rectangle object as the mask, this is not necessary. Anyway I understand what you are doing and see that it gives a sharp clear border but I don't think this method is easily adaptable to my transition. One problem is that the visual centre of my 'keyhole' mask isn't exactly in the centre of the mask image, so the border doesn't expand equally. I have tried moving the centres of the two ma
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