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  1. Hi Igor, I would like to beta test PTE AV Studio for the Mac. I have 3 Macs : #1. MacBook Pro 16" 2019, 2.4 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 8 TB SSD running Catalina. #2. Mac Mini 2018, 32GB RAM 2 TB SSD running Mojave. #3, Macbook 12" for travel, running Mojave. I have a licence to PTE AV Studio Pro 10 which I run on a desktop PC with the current version of Windows 10. Best regards, Steve Mullarkey S t e v e M u l l a r k e y _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Website: http://www.stevemul.com.au/
  2. Hi Igor, Great news. I am really excited with the upcoming release of PTE 10 and the possibilities of cross-platform versions, Windows and Mac. I intend to take a pro-active approach amongst Sydney photo-clubs in promoting the use of PTE 10. Best regards, Steve
  3. Hi Igor, Your suggestion worked really well. I converted the MP4 file from PTE 10 under Parallels using Handbrake with the parameters you suggested. The output MP4 file from Handbrake worked fine on my TV. I hope eventually I can produce a suitable MP4 file directly from PTE but, in the meantime, this will work fine for me. Many thanks. Best regards, Steve
  4. Hi Igor, I have done some further testing today. I installed VM Fusion and ran PTE on it. Same problem. Then I installed Parallels and PTE 10 on another Mac, a MacBook Pro. Same problem. PTE 9 is fine. So I definitely feel that the problem is PTE 10 running on a Mac under Parallels or VM Fusion. Best regards, Steve
  5. Hi Igor, Many thanks for your help. I had wondered whether the problem was to do with running PTE on my Mac under Parallels. This morning I installed PTE 10 Beta 36 on my wife's Dell Laptop running Windows 10. I generated an MP4 file using the parameters you suggested and it runs fine on my TV. I then went back to my Mac and re-generated an MP4 file using exactly the same parameters and it will not run. So the problem is something to do with Parallels and the Mac. However I then went back to PTE Version 9 on my Mac and generated an MP4 file which runs fine on my TV. I have
  6. Hi Igor, I have tried all the files you sent me and the only version that plays successfully on my TV is pte10-1080-30p-hw-NVENC. I have tried to emulate this format/codec but without success. I searched for NVENC in the PTE Help file but could not find the term. Please can you explain how I can create the format/codec in your pte10-1080-30p-hw-NVENC file. Many thanks. Best regards, Steve
  7. Hi Igor, Many thanks for those test files. It is late in the evening here but I have done some quick tests. I'll post here my early results and test further tomorrow if you need it. Files that do not work on my TV : All 60p. Also pte10-1080-30p. Files that do work : pte9-1080-30p and pte10-1080-30p-hw-NVENC. Perhaps it is time for me to upgrade my TV but I it would be good to resolve this for other potential PTE users who have older TVs. Thanks again for your very responsive help. Best regards, Steve
  8. Hi Igor, Many thanks for your quick response. My TV is an old, around 2010, but it has always played MP4 files from PTE 9 with no problem. I went back to PTE 10 and set the parameters to 1920x1080, High Quality, 30p, Pan Scan Enabled, Motion Blur Disabled, Hardware Acceleration turned off. As far as I can see these are the same as the parameters I successfully use in PTE 9. I still get the message "Video Codec Not Supported". The PTE 9 version of the same AV runs fine. I should add that I am running on a Mac using Parallels and Windows 10. Overall I am delig
  9. I created a couple of slideshows in PTE 10 Beta 34 and published them to MP4 output. I copied the MP4 files to a USB stick and tried to play them on my Samsung TV. The TV reported "Codec Not Supported". I opened the PTE files in PTE 9 and created MP4 files. These played fine on my TV. Do I need to set any special setting in PTE 10 ? Best regards, Steve
  10. I am very happy to report that Mac Apps work fine in Beta 12. I reported this problem yesterday ... today it is fixed. Much appreciated. You guys are stars !
  11. Mac Apps created in 6.5 Beta 11 will not run on my Mac Pro. A project created in PTE 6.0 creates good Mac Apps. The same project in 6.5 creates Mac Apps but they will not run on my Mac. Best regards, Steve.
  12. Hi Igor, I am very interested to help in any way to test the Mac version of PTE. PTE on the Mac should be a real winner. There's no significant competition. My Mac Pro System :- 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 10 Gb 800 MHz DDr2 FB-DIMM Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Operating System : Mac OS X Version 10.5.6 Best regards, Steve Mullarkey
  13. Hi Luc, On my Mac Pro I found that PTE and its .exe output slideshow files run smoothly under Boot Camp but are panning and zooming is jerky under VMWare Fusion. This makes sense as under Boot Camp the system is really a straightforward PC running Windows. Under Fusion, or Parallels, there is all the additional overhead of running both Mac OSX and Windows at the same time. As a starter I am hoping a future version of PTE will be able to produce a slideshow file that will runs smoothly directly on Mac OSX. Then hopefully in the not too distant future we will see a native Mac version of PTE R
  14. Lin, After reading your post I downloaded a trial copy of CrossOver Mac. Unfortunately PTE and its output .exe files are not supported applications under CrossOver and have to be run in unsupported mode. When I tried to 'install' a PTE .exe output file under CrossOver my whole Mac locked-up so I've decided not to pursue that approach. Have you tried it. Any success ? Regards, Steve.
  15. Lin, I have run PTE and its .exe output files under Fusion and Boot Camp on my Mac. PTE files run jerkily under Fusion but are fine under Boot Camp. I tried the MPEG output files on the Mac with QuickTime and also the free VLC app but both gave jerky results. It would be good to have a PTE output that would run directly on the Mac. When I saw "HD Video for PC and Mac" as an option with PTE 5.6 I thought that this would generate something I can run directly on the Mac under OSX. Unfortunately the Pan and Zoom effects, though quite gentle in my slide-shows are still jerky. There is a slide-sho
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