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How to show on Secondary Monitor


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Its also possible to run from a windows shortcut file of the slideshow. The BAT files work just fine ... but not as fast as using a shortcut. See page 81 of the PTE User Guide for detaits on creating a BAT file and commands possible to use.

*If the BAT file contains just the filename and no filepath ... you have to have the slide show EXE directly relative to the BAT file for it to work.

*Another point to remember in using BAT files ... you need to dbl-click the BAT file to start/launch the slide show EXE.

Read this post for using a shortcut :

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Nobeefstu is there any way that this technique(shortcut)can be used in a menu system to get shows to display on a second monitor?

You can use the same available PTE commands in the menu PTE file -Action on Mouse Click to launch a PTE Slide Show. The PTE commands wont work for other makes of slideshows EXE ... you must use their own available commands if they have any.

PTE Commands

- slideshow.exe -cover

- slideshow.exe -slide n

- slideshow.exe -log -frametimes

- slideshow.exe -desktopalign

- slideshow.exe -display1

- slideshow.exe -display2

* Command line parameter for any EXE file with a slideshow (since v5.7) to point a desired display.

* You can use multiple Commands in the same filestring ... slideshow.exe -display2 -cover -slide 3

*You can use the Commands in Project Options- More -Run Application

*You can use the Commands in Customize Slide- Run External Application (not possible from Slide 1 ... only on remaining Slides)

*You cannot use PTE Commands on other files not produced by PTE. You must use their own available Commands and string structue to execute.


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My experience is that, for sequences all made with the same version of PTE, then if you launch the menu on the second screen, subsequent sequences, called from the menu, will automatically run on the second screen. You don't have to modify your menu system or include reference to the second screen in the calls from the 'Action on mouse click'..


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Problem solved!

'slideshow.exe -display 1' works ok, but in monitor 2 (recognised by windows 10). And 'slideshow.exe -display 2' in monitor 1.
I have two monitors, monitor 1 (recognised by windows 10) as main monitor, and monitor 2 as second. Monitor 2 is at left and 1 is at right.

Strange. Very strange.


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It's easy to change the display order of monitors. Identify and click and drag. I had 3 extra monitors not being used and the room on my desk. I also use multiple desktops so sometimes I have apps running in each monitor on either desktop to keep them separated. Windows + Tab and Windows + Ctrl + arrow keys.




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