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Easy method to fix low audio level in video

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I didn't know you could do this until watching YT video about fixing low audio levels in a different program.

If you have a video that has low volume you can separate audio from video. Then if you cannot adjust the audio level high enough just duplicate (copy) the audio clip. Paste into another track and make sure both audio tracks are in sync. The volume level is a sum of tracks and (I think) is twice as high as before. At least it worked for me when I tried it on a video.


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Hi Tom,

Good tip!

Pretty much the same as you can do in PTE another way I think.

Mute the video and add it as an audio then adjust the volume in the waveform. Although pulling up the waveform line will increase the volume 100%, you can go to Projects Options and type in 200% and it will be increased proportionally. Internally, I suspect it's doing about the same process but can't be certain...

Best regards,


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Hi Lin,

I think you can repeat the process multiple times with multiple copies on separate tracks for even more gain. Eventually it will clip the audio or the noise will increase and sound distorted.


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