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Use of Zoom software

Mike Reed

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Which of the Publish options is best for use with Zoom software, I am conscious that the MP4 choice produces a very large file.

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Depends on the content and image file sizes, some MP4 can be smaller than the exe.

All video file types and exe play over Zoom.

Some slow dissolves or very fast movement can look jerky but it mainly comes down to your upload speed.

We have had the same file play perfectly one day then the next it is juddery. And we have a fast upload. Think it can depend on how many neighbours are online at the same time!


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Zoom performs screen recording in real time. Zoom doesn't send an original MP4 video or EXE show. So practically there is no difference if you use an EXE show or MP4 video, or any bitrate parameters.

Just use a relatively modern computer and fast Internet connection.

However I noticed that smoothness of show of video (or EXE show) can vary - from smooth to very jerky. Although I have a stable 100 mbit Internet connection using a cable (not Wi-Fi). It seems that visual quality for sending of a video greatly depends on Zoom servers - how busy there are. 

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