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Video background for a video show

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I am facing the following problem.

I prepared a video show with mainly PNG images and with appropriate audio clips associated to each of them.

I would like to use as background a video (out of focus in order not to disturb the images) covering the entire time of the show.

It would be nice to insert it like we normally do for an audio track.

Is there any suggestion in how to proceed without the need to process again the entire work?

Thanks for any help



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Claudio, in my opinion, NOT as children of the master video, just over the blured master and linked video in all other slides. This way you do not need to touch any actual image, just add the video.

I hope your actual PNG images do not occupy all area, as video will only show outside images.

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4 hours ago, jt49 said:

Children inherit the blur of their parents. So a parent-child-construction is not the way to go :(


Didn't know that, don't use blur so I wouldn't know. You learn something every day.

Claudio, my suggestion works but not as children, use separate images & bring them to the front of the blurred video.


PTE sample.jpg

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Thanks, jt49 and rosy. I could to follow your suggestions.

I know that there are different ways to achieve my whish. I was wondering if there was a possibility to get the same result with a single shot

Thanks also to Orizaba. I will also follow your idea. The PNG images are a type of replica of the background video. And the idea is to highlight them, and, at the same time, show the original scene in a blurred way.

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