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  1. Here is the brief tutorial. I hope one of the admins will re-post it in the tutorials section of the forum. Video Streaming Tutorial.pdf
  2. Thanks for helping out. I'll post a brief tutorial on this in the next few days.
  3. There's been a lot of discussion here over the years about the best way to stream video directly from your own web site. I've been looking into this recently and have just finished testing a way to do it using HTML5. Depending on your audience, most/many of them should by now have HTML5 capable browsers (internet explorer 9, firefox since a few years ago, Google chrome, safari etc.). My test page (not yet linked from the rest of my web site) is at http://www.peoplesoftheworld.org/mjc/five.jsp It streams video directly from the production web server using HTML5 technology and I would like forum
  4. Many of us now use PTE to produce video output (in fact I no longer create any .exe files). Most NLE (Non-Linear Editor) software allows the user to specify times in frames rather than seconds and fractions of a second. This makes more sense for video output. For example the PAL standard has 25 frames per second. If I want, say, a simple fade effect from slide A to slide B and my output will be PAL video it only makes sense for the duration of the effect to be in multiples of 1/25 of a second because for each 1/25 of a second the video will display an entire frame. For PAL video it's very easy
  5. I'll try to help also but we need a web link to download your file(s).
  6. "I have tried downloading the following free burning programs with no success whatsoever:- Ashampoo Burning Studio, Free Disc Burner, Express Burn, DVD Author Plus, Imgburn, and CD Burner XP, DVD Styler, & DVD Flick." "I have been using PTE’s own codec" Ann, with the PTE codec PTE does not create a "real" video file, but a "virtual" one instead. It may be that all the above free burning programs cannot read the virtual .avi file correctly, or that they can't turn the virtual .avi file into the format needed to burn a DVD. Before you give up I'd advise you to try using a different codec (wh
  7. Just as many of us are getting comfortable with HD (1920 x 1080) shows, and, perhaps, starting to consider moving up to the 4k standard that is used in digital theaters (cinemas), along comes the newest standard (it was demonstrated at the London Olympics). See http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1345799482.
  8. Peter, "I don't particularly want to come down to NTSC/PAL DVD-Video..." I'm not sure what you mean by this. Since you're in the UK you'll have to use PAL, but that has nothing to do with codecs. To answer your question, there is a universal video standard: MPEG-2. There is not a single audio standard however. DVD supports AC3 (the most common), PCM and, for PAL DVDs, MP2. See this article: http://www.gromkov.com/faq/general/dvd_audio_formats.html. If you are using VB to burn the disc (or the .iso file) it should take care of all this for you. To increase your chances I'd burn a DVD+R disc and
  9. Has anyone tried this tool on the PTE executable? Can anyone from WnSoft say whether this tool will work with PTE? http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php
  10. I haven't seen any posts for a while from any new customers saying they never received their license key by e-mail. So has that problem finally been solved? I want to buy a friend a copy for Christmas but we would both be disappointed if the key is not e-mailed because I doubt there will be any technical support available on Christmas Day.
  11. I've mainly used it for making both short (5-20 minute) and long (80 minute) video documentaries. But also for video slideshows of my nieces and Godchildren, weddings and vacations/holidays. Like you say it is limited only by imagination. I once started making a Rubik's cube, but not the animated cube that others have posted here, instead mine was going to be a fully interactive cube that you could solve like you would solve the real Rubik's cube, except by mouse clicks. I stopped only when I realized that the number of permutations of the 3-D cube was too many for one lifetime! Given enough t
  12. I use Sony Vegas Pro but it is not cheap, although there are reasonably-priced consumer versions of it. I suggest you monitor http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ for a few days as they have video converters very often. When you find one you like you have it for free and can just uninstall the others.
  13. Igor, Will PTE 7 allow me to produce a virtual AVI video file using the PTE codec that will be recognized by the 64-bit version of Sony Vegas Pro 10? I posted about this problem a long time ago and you said you think you could fix it. I can't test it at the moment because I am away from my PC. Thanks, Ray
  14. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WMV_HD and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVCHD for the two popular ways to get HD quality on standard DVD discs.
  15. 1440x1080 is not used much any more (on newer devices) - but when it is used to capture or render 16:9 video the embedded pixel aspect ratio must be set to 1.333:1. It should then appear natural when played back in most software players as they will stretch the horizontal pixels to compensate. I haven't started testing PTE 7 yet as I'll be away from my main computer for a while. Igor, does the current beta read the pixel aspect ratio? Ray
  16. Another idea may be to change the main forum description from "News about PicturesToExe - professional slideshow software, support, discussions" to "News about PicturesToExe - professional slideshow software, discussions" and create a new forum only for technical support?
  17. It is easy - and common practice now - to prevent the user from copying their e-mail address from the first field and pasting it into the second "confirm your e-mail address" field. WnSoft should insist that RegNow design the order form to do this. It is also common practice now to ask new customers of an e-commerce web site to set up a user id and password before they place their order. So if I am user: ray with password: ray and I don't receive my registration key by e-mail I can go back to the e-commerce web site where I ordered, log in as ray:ray and view my registration key on their web s
  18. Frank, Im my case I have a 78-minute documentary at 1920x1080x24p. Even though it would fit on a 32GB USB stick the cost to me of distributing it on a 32GB USB stick is much higher than the cost of distributing it on a BD. Also the current USB standard, 2.0, does not support the data transfer rate required for good quality HD video. (This will change with USB 3.0.) Of course it will not fit on a CD or a DVD (even dual-layer). I can see your points for shows that are much shorter (no more than 10 minutes) and 1280x720 but otherwise what you propose will result in loss of quality for one reason
  19. Douglas, It sounds like you may have created a PAL DVD? But you are in the US which requires the NTSC standard. Please check all settings. If you have problems it may be that you somehow set your actual DVD and BD players to the wrong region? Ray
  20. Jose, I recommend that you use the original BMPs and convert them to JPG at their original pixel resolution for slides 58, 66 and 74 and save them at the highest quality possible. You will see a small improvement but the only way to see acceptable video from these 3 slides is by using my earlier suggestions. You said: "I used 1382x777, which is a reduction to 60%, because during the project process I already noticed here some heavy trembling using 1920x1080. So I reduced them to 60% to low the "amount of work" for the processor." But this reduction will not make the video trembling better (it
  21. Jose, I spent a few hours today working with your project and researching your problem and your set up some more. Working backwards through your posts: Your best result so far (and your last "good" BD) is with VideoBuilder creating 1920 x 1080 x 60 progressive fps. Even though VideoBuilder lets you believe it can do this I am sure that the .mp4 file it produces has 60 (actually 59.94) interlaced fps. So when you use Nero to create the BD it is converting the video to 1920 x 1080 x 50 interlaced fps. This conversion of framerate is one of the sources of your problem. I read the specifications f
  22. Jose, I am stil working with your PTE project and I will have some answers for you tomorrow and some more answers in the next few days. I think we have now confirmed that PTE/VideoBuilder is not the problem. I will look especially at: Slide 58 - 08:02,634 Slide 66 - 08:55,984 Slide 74 - 09:59,968 Ray
  23. Jose, Using PTE 6.5.7 I just took your project and, with no changes to your project, I used VideoBuilder to create a 1280x720 video at 50 progressive frames per second, two-pass bitrate at 10 Mbps (which is about right for 1280x720x50p video). This took almost 2 hours and my PC is very powerful (dual quad-core). So this tells me that your slideshow is very complex. But the video quality is excellent when I play it back from my hard drive with Media Player Classic - including the video at 02:53,161, 02:56,021 and 03:31,281. There is no tremble or stutter in the video; the motion is just as smoo
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